Apartments Near Me is a leader in the rental apartment industry with a focus on B class properties and second chance opportunities. We are well known not only for our abilities to renovate once blighted and unmanaged properties, but also for being able to help residents reinvent their rental history and credit score.We work with a variety of circumstances such as evictions, credit and even some negative background instances. Our proven results with the Winbranch Complex, Thompson Court and Cottonwood Apartments  are prime examples of what innovation and hard work can accomplish. Apartments Near Me was able to stabilize the occupancy of Winbranch Complex from 30% to fully occupied. In addition to that Apartments Near Me was able to remain operational in 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic despite the large hit to the multi-family real estate industry. 

With over 1200 families depending on us for security, comfort and affordable housing we make it our responsibility to provide top of the line service to each one of them. Depending on the location tenants as well as landlords can feel secure knowing we have 24/7 on site security as well as numerous other amenities. Apartments Near Me strives to provide and manage state of the art apartments for rent. In addition, our second chance program applies to prospective employees as well. We pride ourselves on the ability to mitigate the risk involving second chance apartments and class B properties.


We specialize in residential rentals including single/multi-family homes, duplexes, and apartments. Our main services include consulting, marketing management, property management, and management procedures implementation. Apartments require a mentality and work ethic that comes partially from education, but even more so from experience and a proper understanding of the market for each of your apartments.Our formulas and methods will increase the credibility and status of your apartments within not only the community but the city.

Our apartments use a scale that better assess the potential risk for tenant success that allows apartment owners to increase income and decrease delinquency. There is no correlation between credit score and good residents. Therefore, we developed our own system. In our past experiences, we have been able to take apartments with low occupancy and turn them into thriving fully occupied apartments with successful tenants. Our work procedures are tailor-made for each property, to maximize the bottom-line short term and long term. 



Our team consists of numerous like minded individuals whose goal is to provide our landlords and tenants with exceptional experiences. The ultimate living experience is not just about providing good housing, but it is about going above and beyond to provide all around exceptional services for your residents. Our team is constantly innovating new ways to provide effective top of the line service to all 1200+ families. Our second chance friendly attitude shows our communities that we are there for them. Apartments Near Me is a brand and company you can believe in because when you feel like no one believes in you, we do!  For this very reason our all-in-one approach was created, so when it comes to needing a second chance, even a first chance, just know Apartments Near Me is here for you, landlords and tenants alike. 


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Apartments Near Me Frequently Asked Questions



How do I contact Apartments Near Me?


How do I rent an apartment with Apartments Near Me?


Where can I read about second chance friendly properties?


How do I work for Apartments Near Me?

  • To inquire about a position with Apartments Near Me, check our career page




How do I join the Apartments Near Me portfolio?

  • To join the Apartments Near Me team or inquire about joining the Apartments Near Me team, please send an email to info@apartmentsnearme.biz.


Do rental properties need to be second chance friendly to join Apartments Near Me?

  • No, your rental property does not have to be second chance friendly. Our goal is to provide the ultimate experience to both landlords and residents no matter their renter status.


How long Has Apartments Near Me been in Business?

  • Apartments Near Me has been in business since 2017.


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