Application Evaluation

How my rental application being evaluated? 

Landlords are ultimately evaluating risk. Apartment renting is all about risk management (for example, the interest on your loans is your risk evaluation by the lender for instance).

So, are you curious about what landlords take into consideration when applying for an apartment or a house? Landlords evaluate the ability of the applicant to fulfill the entire rental agreement. If it is an apartment inside a community, the probability of conflicts between neighbors and other residents will also be evaluated. 

So what can increase your risk assessment from a landlord perspective:

  1. Eviction history

  2. Defaults

  3. Collections

  4. Domestic Issues

  5. Criminal charges

  6. Overall credit score

  7. And others

So what's the formula?

Each landlord has his/her own formula for how to estimate the risk of an applicant. There are no 2 applicants that are processed the same. Every property and individual is different. So, how can this knowledge help you?


Try to put yourself in the landlord's shoes and ask yourself if you would rent to yourself? If not, then, why not. Next, try to work on the problems that you see fit. Meanwhile, try to find properties that are background friendly, meaning they approve higher risk tenants.

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