How to pass a background check

like a pro

What shows on a background check?

If you ever received a ticket, been filed for eviction, have dealt with the criminal courts, or any incident involving the government, this will be on your background.  

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So what to do with the things on my background?

The best choice you have to increase your approval chance is to bring in any paperwork that supports your current status. Remember landlords evaluate risks. They want to make sure tenants will take care of the property and will honor the lease agreement. So, any document that shows positive business behavior and practices can help to lower your risk assessment and ultimately help you to increase your chances of approval.

Also, try first to apply for second-chance properties, build your rental history and show a reliable source of income. you can learn how apply the right way here.


The most important thing to consider is that even if you have a criminal past, be honest about it. If you try to hide information there is a higher likelihood of denial.

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