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My Management strives to provide real estate investors the resources and abilities to achieve their short-term and long-term goals by adapting to their needs and building relationships along the way. We specialize in residential rentals including single/multi-family homes, duplexes, and apartments. Our main services include consulting, marketing management, property management, and management procedures implementation. Apartments require a mentality and work ethic that comes partially from education, but even more so from experience and a proper understanding of the market for each of your apartments.

Property Marketing Campaigns

My Management has a unique way to increase leads, applications and bringing people to your leasing office. We were able to develop a state-of-the-art real estate marketing strategy system that combines the property, the media, and the personnel to the success of the campaign. In the marketing of apartments, it can seem like such a struggle to get your complex noticed. Our formulas and methods will increase the credibility and status of your apartments within not only the community but the city.

Tenant Screening

Finding a prospective tenant, especially for apartments is already hard and finding the qualified candidate can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. My Management has a special touch when it comes to finding the right renters, with an amazing risk management system that lowers the evictions and the delinquencies. We here at My Management already know what the rest do not, approval based on credit or background is just not good enough. Our apartments use a scale that better asses the potential risk for tenant success that allows apartment owners to increase income and decrease delinquency. There is no correlation between credit score and good residents. Therefore, we developed our own system. In our past experiences, we have been able to take apartments with low occupancy and turn them into thriving 100% occupied apartments with successful tenants. 

Collection Policy

While every management company has a strict collection policy, we have an adjustable and flexible rent collection system. As investors, you know that for success you must be open-minded. Our work procedures are tailor-made for each property, to maximize the bottom-line short term and long term. We understand especially with apartments that there are numerous tenants and that leaves more potential for delinquency. We here at My Management believe that our properties should have a thorough system for monitoring delinquency that should be strictly adhered to, to increase business success. 

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