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3 R's of DIY: Renovate, Refurbish & Revitalize

Decorate your apartment using everyday items and some creativity.

Heard of decorating for less than $10?

DIY decorating is a great way to spruce up your home and add some personalization but when you really want something out of this world, even the Do It Yourself projects can end up costing a few hundred dollars.

But, there is a way you can decorate and improve your space while sticking to a budget. If you’re interested in making your place look good but without spending too much, we look at DIY decorating from $10 to $100.

Why You Should DIY Decorate?

Who shouldn’t DIY decorate! DIY decorating is for everyone who wants to create a unique craft for their home. Whether an apartment or a house, adding personal touches, simply make you feel like ‘You’re At Home’ when you walk through the door, especially when you’re having a bad day!

You can also use DIY ideas to recreate some contemporary designs that you’ve seen online or in a magazine. It is all up to your budget and your imagination!

Decorating Tips and Design Ideas

A Bedazzled Placement

Whether you have a small round table or a dining table and chairs, adding placements simply finishes the look and feel of the dining space.

It is quite easy to create a placement and will probably cost $10 to $20 in fabric or nothing at all if you have extra material lying around at home.

Take 2 pieces of fabric cut in a 20” x 15” rectangle (you can also make the placemat as large or as small as you like). Remember, you will need to make at least 4 rectangles so have enough fabric for all the placemats. You can also use different color or patterned placemats and stitch it together to make a reversible design.

Now stitch the two pieces together. Once you have completed all the sides, you can add sequins, tassles, or beading and stitch it into the fabric as a border or in the center of the placement. Beads, sequins, and tassles can be bought online or a local store for a few dollars.

And Voila your placement is done!

A wooden table with a black and white printed table cloth that has & symbols with a plate, glass 2 knives and 2 forks.
If you feel adventurous you can make placemats and a matching table runner.

Lettered Sign

There’s nothing like looking at a few motivational phrases to brighten your day. Rather than spend over $50 on a framed sign, why not make your own? This DIY lettering sign will be no more than $30 to make.

A coffee mug, passport, mini photo, Fujifilm camera, shades and a handmade framed sign that says "travel is good for the soul".
Framed signs are very cheap and easy make.

You’ll need:

  • 1 x canvas (you can find a pack of 10 x 10-inch canvas for $18 online)

  • Paint (optional)

  • Stick on letters (depending on your phrase. We’ll use Sunshine for this DIY tutorial, so that’s 8 stick-on letters). You buy stick-on letters on Amazon for around $10 a pack.

If you want to change the color of your canvas you can paint it black with white letters or you can leave it white and use black letters.

There’s also the option to use a stencil to apply your wording but stencils can cause the paint to bleed. Lettering gives you precision.

The alternative to phrases such as Reach for Your Dreams, Good Morning Sunshine, or Love Conquers All, is to purchase a stick-on image (as shown in the picture above). Whether a flower, leaf, or feather is to decorate your home, you can purchase these stickers, place them on your canvas, and stand them on a shelf or hang it on the wall.

Pegboard Storage Wall

Pegboard is a versatile and fun way to add décor and create a little bit of storage. You can place it in the office, bedroom, or bathroom. Depending on the size of the board, you could pay $40 for a 48” board and $17 for a pack of hooks and pegboard accessories for hanging and storing small items.

Once you have your pegboard, you can secure it to the wall and start attaching your goodies! It’s that easy!

You can also paint the pegboard but if you purchase plastic boards, it is best to use spray paint or chalk paint for an even finish. Paint meant for plastic should be used or the slightest knock or scratch will remove the paint.

A white peg board with white shelving and pink details. Wall has candle and candle holder,  apple table, and a vine.
Check out these creative ways to use a pegboard.
An office space with a desk that has laptop with necessary materials and in addition there is a peg board on the wall to the right holding useful items to make more room on the desk.
Pegboards can help make space in an office without being too large.

Terracotta DIY

If you have a few terracotta pots at home (you can buy a 4 pack for around $30), you can use these for some modern interior decorating. Get some chalk paint in 2 complementary colors. Use some masking tape and create a pattern around the pot. The tape can include rings or stripes and wherever the orange terracotta is exposed, you can paint with chalk paint.

So rather than a plain and boring terracotta pot, we use tape and paint to create patterns that draw our eye to the uniquely designed pots on the shelf, table, or outside on the balcony.

A terracotta plant pot being held by someone with a cactus in the pot.
Terracotta pots are great for storage, decoration & plants

Revived Chairs

Ever looked at your old chairs and wanted to toss them out? There are many reasons to keep those vintage chairs from the outstanding quality of the wood, and the distinct design to the uniqueness it can add to your interior or exterior.

An old white wooden chair with nothing surrounding it with a grey background and a large pink balloon attached to the top.
Transform an old chair from "drab" to "fab"!

Rather than paint the whole chair, the new approach is to give it a “dipped” look.

Once you’ve sanded the chair and removed the old paint or sealer, you can paint. Prepare the dipped look by using masking tape around the legs.

Paint the area below the masking tape including the top backrest. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape for a clean and neat paint-dipped look from the legs to the top of the chair.

Alternatively, you can create a refreshed and vintage appearance for old chairs…

A flower wallpapered wall with a flower pot next to an old blue wooden chair with a teddy bear holding an old camera as though its taking a picture.
Your local hardware store should carry a variety of paints, glazes and/or glosses.

Use chalk paint and lightly cover the chair (once sanded) in a single coat of paint. Once dry, use a sheet of fine-textured sandpaper and use light sweeping motions on different parts of the chair. This creates a “distressed” look adding to the vintage feel of the chair and the interior. In the picture above, you can see the result of using the distressing technique.

Revamp Your Gift Boxes

Are you tired of looking for your small items or having to sort through multiple bottles and containers just to find what you need? Having your earbuds, creams, and accessories can also make counters look cluttered. To organize the space, you can use gift boxes. These can be stacked on shelves or counters. You can also paint or spray paint gift boxes in a preferred color.

A black gift box and a blue gift box, diagonally stacked on each other. Both gift boxes have ribbon including bows tied on them.
Gift boxes can be reused for gifting, decorations or even storage.

Choose Your DIY Project

You can do DIY on your own or you can get the family involved in a fun craft. DIY is fun, affordable, and a fantastic way to decorate your home.

Have Fun!

The initials for Do it yourself (DIY) on a blank background with different crafting tools being used to spell out or represent DIY.
When you DIY, there is no right or wrong - just what you think is best.

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