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Apartment Safety Tips for Renters

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Moving into an apartment might seem like a new start for people as they kind of have the “refresh” that they might be needing to lead the life they want. However, like any new beginning, renting an apartment does require some adequate thinking when it comes to safety.

Renters should be wise enough to look beyond what’s indicated in ads and examine the place themselves. The best first step is to take the time to be equipped with your tenant's rights to understand what you should be having before moving in.

Regardless of the neighborhood, crimes can still happen and there are a ton of security tactics that could be applied while renting to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here are six apartment safety tips you should look into before signing a lease to enjoy the secured life everybody deserves.

A man with a tan suit is walking his black dog on a brick pathway near apartments.
Renting an apartment requires some research.

Inspect General Upkeep.

Never engage in anything without proper research. Upon your visit to the property, you should be keen enough to observe the surroundings as well as the little things such as leaky faucets and easy access points. These all point to an inattentive landlord who should be ensuring the safety of the property for it to be sellable or rentable in the first place. It will take time to secure all windows and doors but these are necessary since they are the first line of defense in apartment security for renters. Take note of the overall maintenance of the place which includes the paint, fences, landscaping, and the like. Don’t hesitate to have a conversation with the landlord regarding their plans on fixing present conditions in case you decide to move in without accepting vague answers since it’s your possible future shelter that you’ll be talking about.

Install Security Cameras.

No one will know what could happen despite the best efforts to keep a unit secure. In case an unfortunate event happens like trespassing, having a security camera in place could help identify the suspect easier. Talk to your landlord about installing security cameras if there are still none to ensure everyone’s safety in the whole complex. If this is out of the question, you can go for a standalone camera that can directly send a feed to your smartphone.

Remember to Lock.

There’s a need to reiterate this reminder because no matter how simple it is, many people still forget: lock all doors and windows even when you’re at home. It would be best to have deadbolts as they can help prevent break-ins. Discuss with your landlord if they aren’t installed yet. They should also have the initiative to replace or re-key the locks before renting the place to a new tenant. Otherwise, you’ll have to do it yourself by checking with the property management company first if you can make the said add-ons and then visit the nearest locksmith for the new keys if necessary.

A door with an old skeleton key that has a maroon tassell attached.
Always lock your doors as means for proper safety.

Project that You’re Always Home.

Who would want the hassle of breaking into someone’s home when the tenant is there? It is no surprise that the majority of home break-ins happen when the sun is out since people are away. Those who are prospective home intruders would be deterred if renters make it look as if someone is home. Just close the blinds before leaving and install preset timers on indoor lights to create a simple illusion. If your place has a porch light, make sure it’s lit as well as other areas like the garage as this tactic would be a great deterrent against possible criminal activity.

Befriend Your Neighbors.

Having good relationships with your neighbors will not only make you feel you belong but also feel secure as they will be looking out for you. When you need to be away, especially for quite some time, they can keep an eye on things and even bring in any packages or letters that you receive since piled-up mail can hint intruders that it’s clear for them to enter. Your neighbors can also report suspicious activities that you should be wary of or directly call out. Safety, therefore, becomes everyone’s responsibility when people live in harmony.

Get Renter’s Insurance.

This insurance that could cost around $20 a month will provide you the necessary protection of your belongings that immensely outweighs the cost. It covers a wide range of your property such as electronics, furniture, and many more that could go missing in the event of a disaster. Further, it helps cover liabilities and medical costs if a visitor injures themselves while visiting your place. This insurance is a deal that every renter should really subscribe to.

To achieve real apartment security, renters must go out of their way to do the small things that make a big difference. There is a lot to cover but everything can be managed with adequate preparation and cooperation with your landlord. Make a schedule and a to-check list before moving in. Safety first.


About The Author:

Katreena is a scientist and a life hack specialist. She's authored scientific journals on biotechnology and molecular biology. To take a break from scientific journals, she puts her mind into writing about lifestyle, health, and sustainability. She strongly believes that kindness makes the world go round.

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