Decorating Your First Apartment On A Budget

Updated: Jan 19

The Best Tips for the First-Time Renter

Congratulations on your first apartment! It’s time to start decorating!

And while I know there are bills to pay and you have to work smart, there are simple yet attractive ways of decorating your very first apartment on a budget.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the top ideas for decorating your new apartment.

Simple Décor, Yet, Modern and Sleek
Simple Décor, Yet, Modern and Sleek

Heard of Multi-Use Furniture? It’s a Great Addition to Any Apartment on a Decorating Budget

Multi-use furniture is just that! It can include a combination of a dresser and a mirror, an ottoman with legs as a chair and storage space, or a bed with pull-out storage in the base. You can find many items online at affordable prices. You can also save by looking at used furniture stores.

Try a Couch with Storage Space Under the Cushions
Try a Couch with Storage Space Under the Cushions

What is Flat-Pack or Ready-to-Assemble Furniture?

For any first-time renter of a small apartment, the flat pack or ready-to-assemble range is the way to go.

Flat-Pack furniture is available in wood, chipboard, and fiberboard. It is one of the least expensive ways to decorate an apartment while taking up less space. This makes it the perfect choice for the small apartment while shopping for furniture on a budget.

These items do not come fully assembled. When you purchase a bookshelf for example, you receive the boards, the fixtures, and the accessories that you are required to put together. It is a bit of a DIY task, but well worth the effort once your fully assembled shelf, bed, or desk is ready for use.

Ready-to-assemble furniture is also ideal for first-time renter who doesn’t want to spend too much on furnishing the apartment. It is available in different styles, colors, sizes, and finishes to complement every theme or color scheme.

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Ready to Assemble Bookshelf
Ready to Assemble Bookshelf

Bring Plants In

If you’re an avid gardener or wish to get started on planting your own greens, there is no better time than in your first rental! If you have a balcony, all the better to decorate with some lush green plants that add freshness and positive energy to the space.

A popular apartment decorating tip is to purchase pot plants or containers and to grow your herbs or vegetables. There is certainly nothing better than adding a few sprigs of fresh celery and mint to your salad from your home-grown garden!

If you don’t have green fingers but still want the appeal of apartment greens, then artificial plants including cactus and broad-leafed plants will provide the exotic look and feel without the maintenance!

Use Your Green Thumb!
Use Your Green Thumb!

Let’s Take a Look at Used-Furniture

If you have never considered used or thrift furniture, I recommend considering taking another look. For budget-friendly purchases, you can find a variety of styles and at a fraction of the cost of furniture, you will find online or at a local store.

With some research and careful furniture selections, you can invest in some solid pieces that would last a lifetime. Many of these items simply need a makeover. A fresh coat of paint reupholstered material and a good sanding can bring many styles of furniture to life.