How to Inspire Employees to Excel

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

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We know that motivated employees are more productive, follow instructions well and contribute to staff retention. However, employee excellence and motivation remain a challenge for many businesses. The traditional style of managing a workforce exclusively from the top down is shifting towards a collaborative and responsive approach. Leading employees to excel requires dedication, hiring good hearted people and training to facilitate their growth within the organization.

An important aspect of employee motivation lies with management. Methods of leadership encouraging employee trust while facilitating an educational work environment can have profound results on developing the full potential of staff.

Good leaders’ effect positive and powerful change through influence, encouragement and natural motivation. When managers exercise sound leadership, they can inspire excellence in their workforce. It is therefore the role of managers and supervisors to possess the skills, character and confidence needed to keep employees motivated and productive. Anyone can be a manager but not everyone can be a good leader. A closer look at the steps that management should take to inspire employees to excel, can assist in building positive employee relationships to facilitate motivation.

Part of excellent management and getting results from your employees is understanding human emotion, motivation and behavior. Managers who acknowledge that human emotion and the ways work affects employee feelings can provide the foundation for employee motivation and excellence. Staff performance relies on the abilities of management to create a supportive work environment in which individuals and teams can reach their fullest potential. The first step to supporting employee excellence is for managers to recognize they do not run alone.

Great leaders acknowledge that employee involvement in work duties, projects and decisions is an important part of employee growth and inspiration. While implementing a top down style of leadership is necessary when tough decisions must be made, studies have shown that staff who are part of a company’s processes tend to outperform those who are delegated in a hierarchical style of management. The best scenario involves the entire team being involved in the resolution of pressing issues for business. When a workforce feels acknowledged and actively involved, it can facilitate the process of leading employees to excel.

Methods of leadership are crucial in motivating staff and cultivating a workspace of growth. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in their team. This includes the creation of a trustworthy professional relationship in which your employees feel secure in discussing personal problems or conflicts at work. A good manager will not underestimate the capabilities of their employees and are confident in providing employee instruction and delegating responsibility to address challenging work requirements. By issuing the work and giving them the resources and support needed to achieve results, you can foster employee excellence and ongoing motivation. Part of creating a supportive environment is assisting staff to develop new skills to perform and excel in their position. When management is aware that employees need training to improve their knowledge and skills, they give their workforce the power to draw on their strengths and achieve organizational goals.

Employees who are acknowledged and provided the platform and tools they need to reach their full potential, can create individual confidence, encourages independence, competence and improves employee retention. A good manager is a leader. He or she recognizes hiring good hearted people who fit within the culture of the organization. They understand leading employees to excel. While individual differences are a given for any company, taking the time to hire persons who align with organizational goals, vision and prove authentic can support a more productive workspace.

Managers are encouraged to take the time to acknowledge employee achievements with praise and recognition. Individuals are more likely to show loyalty and job satisfaction in their position when their positive qualities are identified and encouraged. Research has revealed that employees who are provided fair incentives and praise will increase customer satisfaction and staff retention. While criticism is an important part of showing employees where they have gone wrong, it is always about constructive criticism and encouragement. To inspire employees to excel starts with management. No longer are organizations leading from the top down. An active approach in which employee autonomy is supported and a collaborative approach adopted is becoming widely accepted among new and established companies. More organizations are recognizing the value of introducing important training and resources in which staff can grow in their respective roles.

Providing the right information to ensure they do they work to the best of their abilities can produce profound results. Great leaders are confident in their approach but always recognize the human emotion that is in every member of their team. It is acknowledging the heart of employees while encouraging them and providing just what they need, that an entire workforce can be motivated and inspired to excel.

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