How to renovate bad apartment complex

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Winbranch Complex - the beginning

When we took on the project to renovate the Winbranch complex in Memphis Whitehaven, we knew it would be difficult. We discovered sewer and roofing problems, low occupancy, high crime rates and just how the previous owner neglected the property. It is always challenging starting a new project, but it is even more challenging when everywhere you look, each stone you pick up, you notice that there is something wrong.

The Start/How It All Began

At first, we needed to create a task list of the things we had to fix and prioritize at the Winbranch complex. Secondly, we were required to budget each task and estimate just how long it would take to complete the remodel Memphis communities wished to see. It certainly was not easy. We had a difficult time deciding which tasks to prioritize. The choice to renovate the Winbranch complex required careful time management. Some things needed immediate attention but then, from a functional perspective, something else required our services. The owners needed to decide what was more important. With a reliable construction manager and an understanding owner, we were able to create a task list that became our project plan.

The Residents

When assigned to the remodeled Winbranch Complex, we knew tenancy rates were poor. As project leaders, we were dedicated to bringing value to the owner and in turn, improve the occupancy levels. My management vision was a long-term one. We had to make short term sacrifices to attract good residents that would further contribute to the projected value of the in Memphis. As we were here for the long haul as management, we were also investing ourselves in the remodel process. First, we had to find a great security company we could depend on. This included a reputable service that would share our vision. Then we needed to bring MPD on board. The second step of our plan was to find key tenants who wanted to see the Winbranch Complex great again. The goal was to create a role model community in the 38116.


Today, we continue to improve the community through our dedication, our passion and our expertise. We are planning the yearly budget in a way that we can consistently make the Winbranch Complex a better place to live in. From time to time, we need to find the most creative ways to manage emergencies. This includes the time we experienced 50 pipe bursts in 3 days in January 2018. With every new situation, we are learning, and we are improving. Today, the Winbranch Complex is not the same as it was 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago. With an amazing owner, dedicated construction manager and exceptional maintenance team, we were able to achieve our goal of building a great community.

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