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How To Rent Apartments With

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I. Introduction

Whats is This is a top-listed apartment listing website. offers renters the ability to view homes, townhomes, apartments, and condos for rent. The website not only contains larger-scale homes with more than four-bedrooms but also one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments for rent. The website allows you to search “apartments for rent” or “apartments near me” to help narrow down your search to property management companies leasing near you.

This website gives renters access to information on over one million properties for rent. To stay current on available properties they constantly call and search for properties that are available and post them regularly on their database. The website gives access to photos and different amenities that the rental properties offer. It also gives contact information to reach the different property managers and rental companies to get further information.

II. How to Search

When you arrive at the website you are greeted by a friendly quote and a large search bar. In this search bar, you can type your location or point of interest. For example, if you live in Tennessee you could input your city in the box such as Memphis or even your zip code such as 38116.

Once you type that in and hit enter you will be taken to a search page that will display the apartments for rent in the area you chose. There is a toolbar on the top of the screen. This gives you the choice to set the price, the number of rooms, the type of living quarters, and more.

If you click more it also gives you the option to search by "low-income" or "luxury" if that is a preference that you need.

Initially when you search you will notice a bordered map that contains the available properties to the left and a list form of that map will be provided to the right. On this website like with most others, the top listings are usually the paid listings. Paid listings usually have captivating wording and seem to draw you in. However, remember the old saying "Everything that glitters is not gold". Be sure when looking through these properties that you ask yourself about the true reason they want to be promoted. Some places may just be able to place a decent amount of money on marketing, but some places will use the paid marketing to fraud potential renters. Just beware that some of these places can be in bad areas, have high crime rates or maybe the photos are not as up to date as they should be. These are all things that should be considered.

III. Background Information

Now that you have located an apartment community that you like you should investigate further. A great way to find out how the community views the apartments is to read "Google Reviews". These reviews give a good insight into how the community views this particular apartment complex. Please be advised though when reading reviews that they are the opinions of other people and some will be biased. Also, you can use the "Google News" section that appears below the search bar to view any occurrences the complex may have had that was reported via news. Some companies even have the option to view reviews on their website, but you want to be sure these are not biased reviews.

Ultimately, whatever search engine you use you want to try to get as much information from it as you can. Once you have searched several websites and done some comparing and contrasting it should provide insight into the probability of your residential success within that property management company.

Check out our apartment search tool.

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