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How to Rent Apartments with

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I. Introduction is a website that allows prospective renters the ability to search for residence based on a wide range of different criteria. It allows renters to search for apartments, townhomes, condos, or houses. also gives renters the ability to make a login and save the properties they like for easier access when narrowing down choices. Rent. com also has a moving center and a blog that gives useful and insightful information to renters to help with the moving process. The website is fairly easy to use and has several pre-generated options such as apartments for rent for seniors, the budget-conscious, and even apartments for rent for the high end as stated on the homepage of their website.

II. How to Search on

When you arrive at the website you will immediately see a search bar. The top of the search bar has three sections labeled all, apartments and houses. You can either search by all property types or narrow your search down. For our purposes today we are going to show you how to search for apartments for rent on the website. So once you have clicked on apartments, the next step is to type in the location in which you want to live. Once you have done that you can click enter and watch the results populate.

The next screen you see includes the listings. Above the listings is a bar that has the location you chose, a price guide, a bedroom size option, and then more filters. The more filters option allows you to narrow down your search results depending on what best suits you. So maybe you want to know if the apartments you want to rent accept pets, that is an option or maybe if they are income-restricted apartments, that is also an option. It even lists the option to search for properties with controlled access. Controlled access would typically consist of a gated community with a keypad, an example would be the Winbranch Apartment Complex.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, hit enter. The website will generate the listings to the left and a map to the right showing where the listings are as far as location. You can sort the apartment listings by best match, high to low, low to high or best rating.

Always remember when looking at listings to see if maybe the company is overcompensating. Did they pay for the listing? Why would they need to if they have an awesome property? Sometimes advertising is more than what meets the eye. Always try to do your research when renting apartments in Memphis.

III. Background Information

So now you have found an apartment property you like and you're thinking about moving into that location. I have one question though, "Did you check their track record?". I ask this because once again everything that glitters is not gold. Have you checked to see the crime in the area? Have you checked to see their involvement within the community? Have you checked to see the reviews that tenants have left? Now we know that reviews and opinions can be biased, but it something you must consider. If you have children is this apartment near the school you want them to go to? If you do not have personal transportation is there a bus route near you? These are all things that should be considered before paying that application fee or having that inquiry on your credit report. You also want to call and talk to the staff to see the vibe you get. Was the person you spoke to knowledgable or were they courteous? There is so much more to renting properties than just the price and location.

When searching for properties always remember that price and location are important, but the company that runs that property is equally important. We wish you the best and happy apartment hunting!

Check out our apartment search tool.

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