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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I. Introduction

Trulia. com is a website that allows renters to find homes or apartments for rent. You can actually also find houses for sale and houses that have been sold. For today's purposes, I am going to show you how to search for apartments for rent in Memphis. The setup of the website is very eye-catching. It lists beautiful photos in different neighborhoods and allows you to explore homes or apartments for rent in that area. For this website like many others, you can save the apartments you are interested in by creating a login and then saving your apartment hunt searches in your account. The Trulia website also has guides for buyers, renters, and sellers to help them in their hunt for the perfect home or apartment to rent or even to buy.

II. How to Search on

When you arrive at the Trulia website you will be greeted by warm colors and inviting photos. The top left section of the website is broken into categories of buy, rent, and mortgage. You can click on one of these options and then begin your search that way, but we are going to go a different route. When you look at the top right of the screen you will see saved homes, saved searches, and signup/login. We can assume if you're reading this you have not yet made a Trulia account and we can save those options for a later date.

Now directly in the middle of your screen you will see a search bar that has buy, rent, and sold across the top. For our purposes today, you would click rent and type in the city and state of the apartments you're looking to rent or you could type in the zip code. I used 38116 for the example. Then tap enter and it will bring you to a screen that lists all apartments for rent in 38116.

Once you arrive at this page you can then narrow down the choices for the apartment you are looking to rent. You can categorize by price, size, types of amenities, if its pet friendly, and a whole lot more. Now that you have narrowed down your specifications you can hit enter and watch the results populate. The left side of the screen will display the listings for the apartments and the right side will show a map that outlines the available apartments for rent that meet your search criteria.

III. Background

From experience, I can say that usually the top listings are either expired, everyone wants to live there or something about it usually does not live up to the expectation. So, now that you've scrolled the options, you find one worth clicking and you do just that. What's next? Trulia then takes you to the page of that particular apartment for rent and gives you even more detail about that particular property. You can now see different photos of the property, the square footage, and even a short description based on the company. The website provides reviews from previous tenants and a list of nearby schools. It displays a neighborhood overview and even some opinions of the apartments by local residents in the area.

Information like this is key to finding out about the environment your considering moving to. There will always be a lot of apartments for rent and most of them will seem appealing, but its always necessary to do your background research and to communicate within that community to make sure it will be a good fit. You want to be sure to go to Google and investigate the apartments your considering. You want to see if there are any news reports or anything on the web that just may waiver your opinion. Also, check to see if the apartment has its own company website that could provide more detailed information. The worst thing that could happen is you pick a place and when you arrive to do the application it fails to meet your expectations.

In closing, Trulia is definitely a top contender in the apartment hunt process. The unlimited options, the ability to save properties, and the direct feedback from the community make it a one-stop-shop for current and future renters.

Check out our apartment search tool.

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