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Second Chance Renting - Made Easy

Updated: Sep 8

Have you ever wondered what qualifies as a "second chance" apartment? Are you curious if you are a second chance renter? Do you know that you need a second chance? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this is just for you. Also, if you need more information on how to find the right apartment for rent just click here.

Second Chance

Rental Companies that offer second chance apartment homes strive to provide housing to potential residents despite negative credit, negative rental history, and negative backgrounds. When you apply at any residential property the prospective landlord will check with your previous landlords to help determine the type of tenant you are and will be. Most landlords are hesitant to rent to prospective residents that have had past rental issues. All applications are placed on a scale to determine the risk factor. Even if you have a better job or higher income before, they may still view you as an applicant who will not pay rent. The good news is no matter your reason for needing a second chance, we are here to help.

What is a second chance renter?

Below, you can find the most common reasons for choosing a second chance property:

  • Failed to pay rent on time, consistently

  • Broke a lease with no good cause

  • Owe back rent

  • Moved out with no notice

  • Evictions

  • Negative credit marks

  • Negative background

  • Lack of credit

  • Bankruptcies

Any of these items as it pertains to rental history, credit history, or background history can make renting an apartment seem almost impossible. Moreover, even if you relocate to another city or state, this history will still follow you. You always want to make sure to resolve any issues with past landlords, by either making payment arrangements or possibly maybe even settling on an amount the previous landlord will accept. However, while you’re trying to fix your negative history a second chance apartment complex would be a great place to reside while building up your credit and addressing your poor rental history. Check out our second chance apartment for rent.

Leasing Requirements

Second Chance Leasing Requirements

Now, just because a rental property is a second chance property, does not mean they do not have requirements. A common misconception is that second chance companies will accept all applications despite your background. Another misconception is that all second chance companies do not run your credit or background. These are two common misconceptions that are false. While some second chance companies may run this way, all of them do not. Some companies may require proof that a past debt has been taken care of or that you are in the process of handling that situation. Some may require paperwork from the court that the eviction was dismissed. Some may require higher fees or longer work history. Remember, this landlord is still running a business and ultimately, they want to rent to prospective tenants that are going to honor the lease agreement. No landlord wants a tenant to fail, because what affects the tenant affects the business.

Benefits to Second Chance Renting

Benefits to Second Chance Tenants

The main benefit of renting a second chance apartment will be to ultimately have shelter. It is extremely difficult to find a place to live with a negative rental history, but the second chance apartment life is here to help you. If you find yourself a second-chance renter, despite the higher deposit or having to pay off an old debt; the utmost importance to you should just be having stable shelter. Think about it, even though the deposit may be higher if you pay your rent on time and don’t get evicted from the second chance property you will have succeeded in developing some positive rental history. If you are in the Memphis area and need a place to stay check out our second chance apartments for rent.

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