That time we had 50 pipe burst in 3 days

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Dealing with pipe bursts

In January 2018, we experienced extreme weather conditions in Memphis. It was so severe; we were caught off guard. In less than 3 days, we encountered 50 pipe bursts in the Winbranch complex. The temperatures reached below freezing point and we had to continue to renovate. Unfortunately, contacting a plumbing company to assist was impossible as Memphis was experiencing pipe bursts with hazardous icy roads. This prevented us from receiving a call-out service. It was during this time in January 2018, that we had to find a way of managing emergency situation and without disturbance to the residents. This was our very first challenge as new management and we had to show our community that we could do it. At 7pm, the phones starting ringing concerning the pressing circumstance. Maintenance along with construction were called to the property. While these crews were frantic as to what to do next, we had to create a plan of action.

The Plan

We made the decision to appoint one person as a scout. This meant searching the property for signs of pipe bursts yet to be reported. Another one of our employees began to complete a listing of locations and the remaining team members where divided into groups to fix the problems at the Winbranch complex. For 3 days, our groups gave their all. They worked round the clock in managing emergency situation and residents’ concerns. We are proud to say that we achieved our objective and more. With a dedicated and hard-working team that exercised control and initiative for the Memphis residents, we achieved safe results.

The Day After

Once the work was completed, we had to gather our thoughts, breakdown what had happened and analyze the reasons behind it. We performed online research and communicated with our in-house plumbers. We further checked in with sister complexes to learn how they deal with emergency situations, including the application of preventative methods. This led to our winter protocol. Our plan included modifying our plumbing services to incorporate freeze resistance along with structural improvements for the Winbranch complex in Memphis. In the winter of 2019, we had zero pipe bursts. Owing to our valuable solutions and our high standard of professionalism, the owners, residents and our team were satisfied with all we had achieved.

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