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The Best Sofa Styles For a Small Apartment!

Living in a small apartment is comfortable, cozy, and definitely easy to keep clean but if like me, you’ve tried to squeeze that oversized sofa into your tiny space, it may be time to look for something more practical and pleasing to the eye.

Shopping for a sofa for a small apartment doesn’t mean that it has to break your bank! And with so many styles of sofas for small rooms, why settle when you can find the perfect addition to maximize space and decorate your apartment at the same time?

Who knows, once you’ve found the right sofa, you can start shopping for the best apartment décor on a budget!

Would you prefer a leather sofa?
Would you prefer a leather sofa?

How to Choose the Right Type of Sofa for a Small Space?

The best type of sofa for a small apartment is proportionate, provides adequate seating without taking up too much space, and is fairly easy to maneuver. Depending on whether you have kids or pets, a fairly robust material goes a long way to keeping it clean and in good condition.

When you shop for a new sofa, so many styles and materials to choose from can make it difficult to imagine what it would look like in your home. Always check the furniture dimensions and look at pieces that are similar in-style in-store. This will help you visualize the piece in your apartment.

You can also find some pretty good deals on furniture when you shop online. Think carefully before you buy though! Don’t purchase something because it's cheap and then you find out you can’t fit it through your apartment door!

How Many Couches Do You Prefer?
How Many Couches Do You Prefer?

To choose the right sofa for a small room, let’s discuss the following points:


Pets, children, and frequent guests require a robust material or a slipcover to prevent the fabric from wearing and becoming stained.

The Style

Are you looking for a corner sofa, a full suite, or a comfortable chair to relax in? The style should create a sense of spaciousness without adding bulk to the room.

The Price

An important part of buying a couch for an apartment is the price. You can learn how much sofas cost by making a few comparisons online and in-store. If you are looking for an investment piece, then a leather seat is best; however, the durable fabric can also provide a valuable purchase.

If you have a budget, you can find the right sofa for your small apartment at the right price. Stick to our tips and we will help you make the best choice.

Some Sofas are Luxurious & Some are Simple!
Some Sofas are Luxurious & Some are Simple!

Popular Styles of Sofas for Small Spaces

Your Style - Your Way!
Your Style - Your Way!

The Loveseat

Certainly, a popular addition for the small apartment or living room, the loveseat with square or round arms is a contemporary item of furniture. It is a comfortable piece that is perfect for an empty nook or an area under a sunny window.

The loveseat is a two-seater sofa with a high back. It includes tufted backing, soft-touch fabric, and firm cushioning for support.

The Sectional Sofa

The sectional sofa is a popular couch in the modern home. It is a simple way to designate living areas in open plan living.

For the apartment or small room, you don’t have to give up on owning a sectional sofa. A small sectional sofa is a corner unit that is a smaller version of its larger counterpart. It is great for bare corners and again, it can also be placed in small open-plan living areas provided that it’s correctly positioned.

The Daybed

The daybed is a classic and a multi-functional piece of furniture. If you have a small apartment but love to have guests over, the daybed is a perfect choice.

It can serve as a neat and comfortable sofa during the day with a few fluffed up pillows and transform into a bed at night for residents or for guests.

Rolled Arm Sofa

You will find the small rolled arm sofa in a variety of colors and sizes. It is ideal for a casual and neat living space. If you prefer a small armrest that won’t get in the way when relaxing with a good book, the small rolled arm sofa is best.

Reclining Loveseat

You’ve moved into a small apartment and believe that you have to sacrifice the luxury of a recliner because of your tiny space. The good news is that small rooms and apartments are catered to with the small reclining loveseat. This style of furniture allows you to relax and benefit from the modern style of a loveseat with the added reclining feature. You too can sit back and unwind in your very own recliner.

Quirky Apartment Sofa

Many people stay away from prints and bold colors for apartments when decorating because they feel that it would overwhelm the space or make it feel smaller. While the wrong use of color and poor symmetry can leave the space feeling confined, there are clever ways to use color and patterns for a fun, quirky, and inviting apartment.

Sofas including floral patterns are growing in popularity. In 2021 Apartment Décor is all about indoor and outdoor living. A floral sofa allows you to bring the outdoors in with its interesting print. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the floral pattern on grandma’s sofa will work. Keep it dainty and look for a high back with legs if you choose a print for your next couch.

Create Your Apartment Decor!
Create Your Apartment Decor!

Decorating Your Apartment Sofa

Now that you’ve decided on a style of sofa, it’s time to decorate! The best way to spruce up an old couch and add color to a room is with scatter pillows and a beautiful throw. You can also place a small coffee table in front of the couch to accessorize the space.

Decorate Your Apartment Sofa
Decorate Your Apartment Sofa

How to Find a New Couch on a Budget?

Looking for a new sofa on a budget is not a difficult task. It’s all about shopping around and making comparisons. You should search online and in-store and compare the dimensions, the materials, and the guarantees issued by the supplier.

There are also some used sofas that are in pretty good condition and at a fraction of what you would usually pay for a new suite.

A White Couch May Not Be the Best Choice for Children!
A White Couch May Not Be the Best Choice for Children!

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Used Couch?

Buying a used couch can help you find some really impressive deals! Of course, you will have to research the product and preferably see it in person before you buy it. A personal inspection can help you avoid buying a sofa for your apartment that is damaged or of a poor condition.

If you are interested in buying a used couch, consider the following:

· Look for major fixes that you can’t buff out!

· Torn material (unless you’re getting it reupholstered)

· Be careful of stains (some marks and spots can’t come out)

· Pay attention to the price. Negotiate a price you are comfortable with.

They Say Green Means Money! Maybe You Should Get a Green Couch.
They Say Green Means Money! Maybe You Should Get a Green Couch.

What Should I Pay for a Used Couch?

Shopping for a used couch or sofa means getting the best value.

You can find chairs, tables, and even beds for sale online but shopping for a used sofa can be a little bit tricky.

To avoid paying too much for the furniture, a little bit of research can help you determine the average prices for that style. You can also consider contacting a vintage furniture store for antique sofas to get an idea of their value. Never feel pressured into making a purchase. It should be a fun way to save money on a great deal rather than leave you questioning your decision.

A used sofa averages between $200 to $250 online.

Buying a Used Sofa Online

When you contact a seller of interest, ask for plenty of images of the piece and any damages you should be aware of.

Many homeowners who are updating their properties or apartment décor will advertise lightly used sofas for sale.

If the seller doesn’t specify the reason for selling, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also ask for information such as: “how old the sofa is, whether it’s been reupholstered, and its exact dimensions!”

Buying a Sofa Does Not Have to Be Expensive!
Buying a Sofa Does Not Have to Be Expensive!

The Benefits of Reupholstering Furniture for an Apartment

Perhaps you have a sofa that you love and fits perfectly in your small apartment but it’s a tad outdated or the fabric has seen better days. You could reupholster and easily give it a new look without spending too much money.

Let’s check out the benefits of reupholstering furniture for your apartment:

Variety of Fabrics and Designs

Reupholstering furniture, including chairs and sofas, allows you to get creative. You can breathe new life into a piece passed down from family or that you’ve purchased some time ago, but the fabric is either outdated or stained and damaged.

A professional reupholster means a new fabric, but you can also add tufted features depending on the design of the sofa and the cost. When you choose a material to recover the sofa or couch remember that it should be strong, wear-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Replace the Cushioning

Part of a reupholster is to restore the overall condition and comfort. If the cushioning is worn, ask the upholstery service if they can replace the cushions.

Designs to Last

Bold prints and patterns are certainly fun ways to add interest to apartment spaces but if you’re reupholstering a sofa, consider the longevity of the piece.

Are you upholstering to fit with an interior design trend or to invest in a lasting item of furniture?

For lasting pieces, I suggest a neutral shade of fabric. You may want to change the décor in your apartment and a neutral upholstery makes it easier to change your colors and accessories without changing the sofa!

Indoors or Outdoors - A Sofa Can Make the Difference.
Indoors or Outdoors - A Sofa Can Make the Difference.

What is the Best Fabric for a Sofa?

If you are looking for a tough fabric to withstand pet activity and heavy traffic, then microfiber and cotton are the best. Leather is a sure contender; however, it requires a fair amount of upkeep to prevent scuffs and scratches from tarnishing the material.

A busy household can benefit from cotton, microfiber, or linen sofa. These are easy-care fabrics that can withstand a fair amount of traffic. These sofa fabrics are also considered the most comfortable.

A Clean Sofa is a Cozy Sofa!
A Clean Sofa is a Cozy Sofa!

How to Keep Your New Apartment Sofa Clean?

Consider a Slipcover

A slipcover is a simple fabric cover you place over the sofa to protect it against wear and tear. These covers provide a snug fit based on the style of the sofa. It is a cost-effective way to keep furniture in pristine condition. It also reduces how frequently sofas have to be cleaned.

If you happen to spill food or drink on the cover, simply remove, toss it in the wash, and voila! Replace the cover when it’s dry.

Covering Your Couch Can Help To Prevent Stains
Covering Your Couch Can Help To Prevent Stains

Treat Stains and Spills Immediately

Spilling some drink or food on your sofa is not the end of the world! If you act quickly, you can prevent that annoying stain from peering at you from between the scatter pillows!

Any mess should be cleaned with a mild soapy solution. For liquids such as red wine or ketchup, first dab the spill with a sponge or absorbent cloth. Do not rub because this will spread the stain.

Once you have absorbed most of the liquid, take warm soapy water and gently wipe and rub at the spot to prevent a lasting stain.

If you notice a spot that is not disappearing despite your best efforts, you can contact a furniture cleaner. They use specialized equipment including steam machines and compatible chemicals to get your sofa looking as good as new.

Treat Stains & Spills
Treat Stains & Spills

Final Thoughts On a Sofa for a Small Space

Sofa shopping shouldn’t be a chore. To find furniture for your apartment, first consider where you wish to place the item, the dimensions of the sofa, and then the overall style.

Take your time to shop around, compare prices, and don’t forget about the practicality of certain styles and fabrics.

With the best sofa styles for a small apartment, you are sure to maximize your space while investing in beautiful and authentic furniture!

Happy Decorating!

Its Your Space - Make it Comfortable!
Its Your Space - Make it Comfortable!

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