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Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis- Without Spending a Ton!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Your bedroom is a place where you can unwind, find peace, and put your head down to sleep. We all know that sometimes life gets in the way, and rather than our bedroom being our sanctuary, it can become a tad cluttered and disorganized. Fortunately, creating a bedroom oasis is not that hard and not that expensive. It takes a little bit of time, some organization, and a touch of intuition.

For renters and homeowners, let me help you restore the beauty and the practicality of your bedroom, so you too can enjoy a private and calming oasis!

Your Bedroom Should be Your Oasis
Your Bedroom Should be Your Oasis

Why an Organized Bedroom Means a Healthier You?

Did you know that there is a science to an organized, practical, and attractive room? While an organized bedroom can help you find what you need and when you need it, a space that is inviting and appealing is good for the mind, body, and soul.

When you organize your bedroom and incorporate colors, accessories, and styles that reflect your preferences, the room becomes a pleasant space. By decluttering and arranging your bedroom, you can achieve relaxation and clear your mind. By creating a bedroom you love, you remove the physical stressors and limitations that are preventing you from achieving complete relaxation.

A bedroom should represent a cozy, comfortable, and private space where you can destress and recharge those batteries!

Your Bedroom Should be Comfortable and Cozy
Your Bedroom Should be Comfortable and Cozy

The First Step to Creating a Modern and Organized Bedroom

I know that starting a bedroom makeover can feel like a chore but when you have a plan, the entire process becomes rather therapeutic! Especially when you end up with a stunning result.

The first step to achieving an attractive bedroom is to get organized. Let’s start by tackling the clutter.

Remove the Clutter

Tackling the clutter in a bedroom can be easy when you have a plan. Whether you have a small or large bedroom, a cluttered space can leave you feeling overwhelmed the moment you walk through the door. My advice is to start a section at a time. You can place goods into boxes such as files or paperwork in one, clothing in another, and if you have little ones then all the toys go into the next box.

Junk you can toss in the garbage, but other items you want to keep, simply pack into the closet or place it in storage using plastic boxes with lids or labeled cardboard boxes. Clothing, books, blankets, and similar items that you no longer use can be donated to a worthy cause.

Organize Your Electrical and Network Cables

Between chargers and plugs, we all know that wires can get a little hairy in the bedroom! A cable organizer is a simple way to create a well-organized and tranquil space. It also makes the room easier to clean.

Cable organizers come in different shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive. These storage solutions can be secured to the side of a desk or side table. If you don’t have a desk in your bedroom, you can use a cable box which is placed on the floor to keep network cables neatly arranged and concealed.

Another way to hide multiple cables is to use trunking. Trunking is a plastic casing that cables are placed inside. It is glued to a wall or placed in ceilings to hide and organize wires and cables. It can’t be secured to a wall in an apartment, but it can be placed behind or underneath furniture.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you find yourself walking into your bedroom only to feel like the world is on your shoulders, it’s probably time to do some rearranging. It may take a little time and elbow grease but experimenting with different furniture layouts doesn’t cost a cent.

For a small space, placing a bed against a wall rather than the center of a room will create floor space. A general interior decorating rule is not to place a bed opposite a door or directly under a window. Find a spot where your bed is private and allows you to easily walk around the room, reach cupboards, or side tables, and arrange bed linen.

Consider the focal point or main wall of the bedroom and use this to reposition your bed, dresser, and side tables.

You can visit websites such as Pinterest to find some design inspiration when you need to change the way your furniture is laid out. Take inspiration from different bedroom styles and sizes, each with its own floor plan.

Even Children Should Have Their Own Oasis.
Even Children Should Have Their Own Oasis.

What About Removable Wallpaper for Bedroom Decor?

For those of us who live in an apartment, changing the wall color or adding fixtures to accessorize the room is not always an option. One way that you can improve the color and interest of your interior without the expense of repairing, is with removable wallpaper.

What is Removable Wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper is a self-adhesive product. It does not require wall glue but comes with a sticky backing so you can position the paper on the wall without the possibility of causing damage. It can also be removed with ease prior to the apartment inspection, so you don’t forfeit your security deposit.

Removable wallpaper makes it easier for those renting an apartment to add some décor, color, and patterns to personalize a space. It is a great addition to the bedroom when applied on a feature wall.

Wallpaper can be a Game Changer!
Wallpaper can be a Game Changer!

Invest in Some New Linen

A cost-effective way to spruce up your bedroom is with a fresh set of linen. Bright white sheets, colorful florals, or pastel shades are contemporary and allow you to add bold color and patterns across your bedroom accessories.

How to Choose Linen for Your Bedroom

I would invest in good quality cotton. Cotton keeps you dry and cool in summer and warm in winter. It is also a durable material.

If you are considering thread count, a count between 200 and 600 is best for cotton sheets.

Struggling to Pick the Right Color Bed Linen?

The shade of bed linen you choose will depend on your personality and lifestyle. Although white bed linen is brilliant and beautiful, it may not always be practical. If you love white sheets, consider a background of white with a modern pattern. That way, it may not show every spot and stain especially if you have a home full of kids and pets!

A simple way to pick the right bedding color is to always choose a light shade for the main bedspread or duvet. The extra layers such as a throw or lighter blanket should be darker than the main bed sheet.

If your carpet has a pattern, your walls have a pattern or texture, then stick to plain bedding styles. A combination of stripes on the bed and hexagons on the floor may leave you feeling dizzy!

Linens and Pillows can Change the Feel of Any Room.
Linens and Pillows can Change the Feel of Any Room.

Add Scatter Cushions, Fluffy Pillows, and a Throw

Pillows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add richness to a room. It also creates visual appeal and leaves you wanting to immerse yourself in your mountain of pillows at the end of a hard day!

I love scatter cushions because you play with some interesting colors and patterns to brighten the room. You can also introduce texture. A fluffy or faux fur scatter in winter creates warmth while cotton covers with print in the summer are a must-have.

If you don’t own a throw, now is the time to get one! Throws with tassels, woven textures, or a silky sheen are popular additions to any bedroom. No matter the theme or the décor throws it creates softness and a plush look. It is another simple way to introduce color and texture.

Choose the Right Window Treatment for Your Bedroom

Along with bedding prints and organized space, you can instantly modify your room with a beautiful set of contemporary window treatments.

Window treatments range from curtains and drapes to blinds. If the apartment has blinds, you may not have the option to change the window treatment but curtains, your landlord will surely allow you to add your own. Always check with your landlord prior to changing anything in the apartment. You can also check your lease to determine the rules of maintaining the look and condition of an apartment when moving in.

What Type of Curtains Would You Use?
What Type of Curtains Would You Use?

The Right Shades Can Help Improve Your Sleep

The right style of window treatment can go a long way to helping you get a fair amount of sleep. Light curtains and blinds that allow early hours of sunlight in will disrupt your sleep. Invest in some good block-out curtains if you have a window facing the early morning sun.

Lighting and Side Tables

A side table with a modern lamp immediately creates a bedroom feel. You don’t always have to change the main lighting fixtures to achieve a bedroom look. Lamps with a larger shade and cement, glass, or clear base are contemporary styles.

Add Plants

There are so many indoor plant varieties that you can easily introduce to your bedroom setting. An orchid, a small fern, and different types of succulents are inexpensive and beautiful living décor. If you aren’t one for keeping plants alive, then a clear glass vase on your side table with fresh flowers or filled with pebbles, marbles, or quartz crystals will also make for an attractive feature.

Plants can help create a relaxing atmosphere.
Plants can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

What’s a Bedroom without Candles?

Once your furniture is organized, your room decluttered, and you have some of your favorite things neatly arranged, transform your bedroom into an oasis with some fragrant candles. A candle can also be placed in a clear vase.

With scents of pure vanilla and fresh berries to spring blossoms, you can use scented candles to bring a sense of tranquility and peace into the bedroom.

Keep Your Bedroom Design Practical

If you are buying new furniture for your bedroom, consider the layout and the practicality of the item before you make a decision.

I’ve bought a bookshelf and some flatpack furniture only to find that it’s too large or not very useful for my space. You can easily incorporate a bookshelf to store décor accessories, framed pictures, and more. If you need extra storage, then an ottoman at the foot of the bed is a good idea.

At the end of the day, your bedroom needs to be a place where you can relax and find some peace but also where you can easily find things.

If storage is a problem in your bedroom or your apartment, you can check out our blog on Increasing Storage Space in Your Apartment.

Practical Design for Practical Living.
Practical Design for Practical Living.

Give Your Bedroom a Deep Clean

There is no better way to start afresh each day in a clean, fragrant room. You will be surprised to find just how much dirt accumulates in the carpeting and dust across furniture in only a few days. Giving the bedroom a deep clean will help to remove the embedded dirt in carpets, gets rid of allergy-causing dust, and leaves the space feeling renewed.

Deep cleaning includes vacuuming and washing the carpets, wiping all fixtures, removing light shades to clear dust. You should move furniture to reach the dirt and dander underneath the less frequently cleaned areas.

If you haven’t given your bedroom a thorough spring clean, then take some time off to reorganize and tidy up.

Deep Cleans are Necessary!
Deep Cleans are Necessary!

Creating a Bedroom Oasis is All About You

A bedroom is a very personal space. It is where we wind down for the day, gather our thoughts, and start afresh for a new day or week ahead. By adding the things that you love and by looking at surrounding décor that makes you feel good, you instantly feel calmer and at peace.

You don’t have to makeover your bedroom in one day. Gradual changes as you can manage will help you work towards a functional and attractive finish.

Be sure to design your bedroom around your personality and I guarantee that you will love the transformation

Create an Oasis in Your Own Bedroom
Create an Oasis in Your Own Bedroom

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