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Why Affordable Housing Matters for Low to Mid Income Earners

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Looking for a place to live is about more than a roof over your head. It’s about finding a home that protects you, your loved ones, and helps you achieve your life goals.

Today’s renters want more than four walls. They want a space where they can grow, relax, and possibly raise a family. They also want rentals they can afford, and this is where affordable housing can create these opportunities.

Father and son walking down a path
Quality affordable housing can provide endless opportunities

In October 2021, US inflation hit a high of 6.2%, the highest its been since the 1990s. This hasn't fared well for many low to mid-income earners who have already stretched their finances owing to a volatile economy. Increases in the cost of food, gas, along with rent (without increases in salary) have made it difficult for many families to manage their basic expenses. Even the costs to stay at a shelter have risen by more than 3% in the last 2 months.

The high cost of living has driven more people to relocate to more affordable states and to find ways of making the most of their bottom line. This also means finding decent, secure, and low-cost homes to rent.

In our exclusive guide, we explore the role of affordable rentals for those who fall in the low to mid-income bracket, whether decent low-cost rentals exist, and how housing services can help you find the right home for your needs.

Why is Affordable Housing Important?

The first types of affordable housing were associated with low-income communities living below the poverty line. Many of these communities were in the middle of areas with high crime rates and known drug use that contributed to an affordable housing stereotype. It is this very stereotype that has prevented many people from pursuing what could be an incredible opportunity to achieve financial stability and a home they can afford.

An infographic about the affordable housing sector
Affordable housing infographic

If we look at property developments in the last decade, modern and economical housing has become available for individuals and families based on their affordability. This means that renting a house or an apartment is determined by your income bracket and what you can afford. It is not exclusively for those living below the poverty line but for all who earn a low to mid-income.

There is no doubt that households that choose affordable housing fare better financially, mentally, and even professionally compared to those who don’t. Let's look at the benefits of the current affordable housing sector...

Financial Stability

When you live in a secure and comfortable home with rent that you can afford, it puts you in a better position to manage your finances. Rather than live paycheck to paycheck, you can relieve some of your financial burdens when you save on rent, especially when you have bills to pay. This alone can relieve stress and leave you feeling confident about your future.

Providing for Family

Quality rentals are well-maintained with many offering access to amenities that are located close by. When raising children in a safe environment, they are allowed to be themselves, excel at school, and focus on their goals.

Health Improvements

Do you find yourself in constant fear you cannot afford your rent? What about saving for a rainy day? With the rise in the cost of living, it’s getting harder to save or stay on top of your rent. Economical housing makes it possible to pay for rent based on your income, which means more affordability and less stress. Focus on your health by preventing affordability issues.

Diverse Communities

Affordable housing that is well-developed and located in safe neighborhoods encourages you to become part of a vibrant and diverse group of people. It is about looking out for one another and creating strong connections with your fellow neighbors that drive a sense of community.

Through economical rentals, people of all backgrounds, races, and economic statuses come together within the complex which reduces issues of discrimination and segregation.

Improved Economy

Property developments in the affordable rental sector have contributed to higher rates of employment, improvements in transportation, and job security with a home you can afford.

Is Affordable Housing the Right Choice for You?

There is no doubt that an affordable home can improve quality of life because it provides stability, self-sufficiency, and security. It allows you to focus on your goals, career, and even personal relationships because you have peace of mind that you have a home you can afford.

Economical rentals attract nurses, teachers, students, and everyday families who are looking for a place to rent that was developed for their needs.

When you know what to look for in an apartment to rent, you can find affordability without sacrificing safety, security, and comfort.

Woman lying on a bed relaxing
Feel comfortable and safe in your own home

As property prices continue to rise along with monthly rent for standard apartments, why pay more when you can find quality homes to rent at rates that you can afford? Let’s face it, sky-high rentals especially in tough economic conditions, simply lead to the displacement of families, job losses, and it causes undue stress.

A lack of affordability not only affects adults but children too. When you find yourself in substandard housing, your children cannot safely enjoy their home environment which could negatively impact their performance at school.

When you have the option of cost-effective rentals, you can focus on getting back on your feet, providing your children a safe home and education, and you could even save enough each month to buy a house on a low income in the future.

How Professional Housing Services can Help

It can be challenging to find a home to rent that not only suits your budget but your lifestyle too. When it comes to low-cost rentals, you may think that you have to sacrifice safety or living close to amenities in exchange for a lower rent. Fortunately, professional housing services focus on helping you find affordable and safe apartments to rent.

Housing services include government organizations such as the HUD or Urban Housing Development who help individuals and families find rentals to suit their needs. Private organizations including affordable housing landlords and property managers also provide housing services that include assistance with understanding a lease, what a security deposit entails, and advice on moving into an apartment or house to rent.

Man holding a sign in his hand
Reach out - there are services available to help you

The Purpose of Housing Services

For low to mid-income earners who need assistance with low-cost homes, professional housing services provide the following:

  • Help to find suitable apartments or houses to rent

  • Steps to prevent homelessness

  • Provision of temporary accommodation

  • Collection of rent

  • Overseeing tenant adherence to lease requirements

  • Property maintenance including gas checks and fire risk inspections

If you find yourself in a difficult position, reach out to your local housing service to guide you in the right direction.

Where to Find Affordable Apartments to Rent?

Finding beautiful apartments to rent in safe communities is possible and it starts right here with Apartments Near Me. As leaders in second-chance housing, affordable housing, and professional housing services, we continue to pave the way for the low to mid-income property sector. Our goal has always been to assist our community with safe and economical housing that uplifts and protects. We encourage diversity and through our rental initiatives and have managed to help many people with the comforts of home.

We don’t believe that a low-income home to rent is a handout. It is an opportunity for both individuals and families who want to live independently. Rather than affordable or second chance homes being viewed as a stereotype, it should be viewed as an opportunity regardless of your background or circumstances.

Colorful houses
Affordable and second chance homes can make a positive difference in your life

Does Decent Affordable Housing Exist?

Second chance and affordable apartments don’t have to be associated with unsafe neighborhoods. You can find decent and valuable rentals that make you feel like you’re truly at home with some time, research, and housing assistance.

An important part of the affordable housing market is ensuring that you find the home that you need. Professional housing services are meant to make a positive difference in the lives of future renters.

Apartments to Rent in Memphis

Apartments Near Me proudly assists future tenants with their rental applications for our affordable apartments on offer. From Cottonwood Apartments to Winbranch Complex, we offer various rentals to complement your lifestyle and your affordability.

Each of the rental developments offered in Memphis includes budget-friendly floor plans and a unique set of amenities whether you’re looking for a place to rent as a single or as a family with children.

Thompson Heights Apartments

If you’re in Tennessee or planning to move to Memphis, our Thompson Heights Apartments to rent are perfect for both individuals and families. Nestled among lush green trees, the community is private and quiet but also ideally located; only a few minutes from the city center.

Winbranch Complex

Immaculate, secure, and fostering a deep sense of community best describe our Winbranch Complex. Newly renovated apartments along with 24-hour security provide our tenants with a safe home where they can enjoy a wide range of amenities including AC, central heating, and pet-friendly apartments.

Cottonwood Apartments

In East Memphis, a quaint community at Cottonwood Apartments waits for those looking for affordable apartments to rent, whether in a 1- or 2-bedroom unit. Developed with families in mind, the rentals offer exciting amenities such as access to the pristine swimming pool and a play area for children.

Why Affordable Homes Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

An affordable home to rent means that you can save financially. It provides security, safety, and peace of mind that you and your family have a home you can manage.

People from all over the world depend on low-cost and economical homes to rent because it helps them with the stability they need to thrive and to reach their goals. If it weren't for affordable property developments, thousands would find themselves homeless, facing eviction, or unable to save towards owning a future home. Many people are also unaware that you can find quality and affordable apartments to rent in favorable neighborhoods.

When you have access to decent and safe housing, you can focus on your health, your finances, and your family. You can also become part of an exciting diverse community in which you can raise a family.

Home is certainly where the heart is and with affordable housing, you have the chance to live a better quality of life, achieve your goals, and hold on to hope.

A person holding pebbles
With hope comes opportunity to live the life you deserve

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