Why I Prefer to Hire Someone Without Any Experience or Formal Education

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There is much debate among employers as to whether experience or education is most valued when recruiting employees. Many would be surprised to discover that modern organizations prefer individuals without experience or formal education because of the advantages they can provide for business. While a university or college education was previously viewed as a competitive advantage in the workplace, today there are more reasons to consider those without prior training for a particular position. I believe in encouraging individuals who believe in their abilities and strength to pursue a position despite lacking the college certifications or experience. On-the-job training can provide immense support, skill development and cultural assimilation that are most valued by the organization. Open-minded persons are always willing to learn, and this is an invaluable asset for any business. From adaptability to ease of integration in the organizational culture; learn just why I prefer hiring individuals without prior experience or a formal education.

The Advantages of Adaptability

Who would you rather hire; someone who has just graduated with a university degree and no experience or someone without a higher-level education and no experience? Specific titles require a degree from practicing medicine to law; however, many positions can be learned or taught with on-the-job training. With time, trained individuals develop knowledge, essential skills and expertise, often outperforming those with a tertiary education. A major advantage of incorporating individuals who lack work experience and formal education is the ease within which they can adapt to the organizational culture and position. A person without experience can easily adapt to my work procedures. The reason being, many trained and experienced employees have developed very rigid habits within prior roles of employment. This makes it harder to do things the “new way.” Individuals who are not formally educated or experienced wish to learn and incorporate the traditional practices of your company. This prevents conflicts, delays and ensures everyone is on-board with the way processes are run within the organization.

A Willingness to Learn

I have found that newly employed persons who lack training are more open-minded and able to engage in critical thinking. Lack of experience often motivates new employees to engage and learn more. Such individuals are more excited and willing to know all there is about their position, doing it well. There is a sense of anticipation and taking on challenges with exuberance. Such individuals present a true sense of gratefulness and put their heart into their work. Many formerly educated or trained employees lack this sense of fire and willingness to prove their value and contributions across tasks. New employees without experience, bring a sense of freshness to an organization. As there is no preconceived idea about an employment role, such individuals show enthusiasm to meet objectives and support productivity. You may find that team motivation is increased when a naturally talented, curious and dynamic player is introduced.

Incredible Men and Women Who Have Achieved Success Without a Formal Education

Over a million students leave high school annually in the US alone, but this by no means reveals a lack of future success. Many public figures have proven that greatness can be achieved without having a university education or prior formal training. Their pursuits are owed to hard work, passion and a willingness to learn from failure. The following individuals, and many others, continue to inspire each and every one of us to achieve our fullest potential no matter our backgrounds.

Steve Jobs

Among the most notable of successful individuals who built an empire without a college degree, was the late Steve Jobs. The founder and pioneer of Apple, one of the largest digital companies in the world, attended a single semester of university before dropping out. He then travelled to India, returned to the US and focused on developing the greatest technology brand that remains immensely popular to date.

Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an incredibly popular figure who has amassed a billion-dollar empire with his retail and fitness brand, Virgin. Having left school at only 15 years old, he has gone on to become one of the most well-recognized entrepreneurs in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg

Rated as the fifth wealthiest man, Mark Zuckerberg attended two years of college before deciding to dropout. The non-graduate founded Facebook, a leading social media platform that continues to attract millions of users daily.

George Foreman

George Foreman is one of the greatest boxers. He joined a street gang at 15 years and went on to pursue training in boxing. Foreman is a boxing legend and has released his very own brand of grilling products.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin left high school at the mere age of 15 years. She went on to pursue a career in music and remains an iconic artist in the industry.

What Every Business Needs to Know When Hiring New Employees

A lack of a formal education and prior experience in a future employee can prove most rewarding to any organization. You may be surprised, but there is no denying the value that talented, enthusiastic and naturally motivated persons can bring to the fore despite not holding a degree or experienced background. Management has the opportunity to assimilate newly recruited staff into the company culture with individuals who are eager to learn. Developing a loyal workforce is about investing in the people behind the brand, products and services. So next time you prepare to interview someone, try to learn who they are and not simply what credentials they have. It could mean the difference between poor employee performance or having a strong team player.


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