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  • Apartment Design Strategies to Increase Your Living Experience

    From the living room to the bedroom, if you’re limited on square footage, we’ve got big ideas to make the most of your small space! Small spaces can be fun. It’s cozy and homely and certainly easier to maintain. What is great about a small space is that it is also easier to decorate especially when you’re on a budget. Having lived in a few teeny tiny apartments myself, I hope to share a few cheap tricks and tips you should include to totally transform a small apartment. Why Live in an Apartment? Let’s start by looking at the many reasons to live in an apartment. Whether you are downscaling, a first-time renter, or looking for an affordable community with security, apartments are becoming more appealing to individual tenants and small families. The only potential drawback about an apartment is how small some of these units can be. You may love the kitchen but have to sacrifice the space in the living room, or perhaps you have a spacious dining area, but the bedrooms feel like the walls are closing in. No matter how your apartment is designed, there are ways you can work with each room to achieve a practical and attractive finish. Why You Should Decorate Your Apartment? Decorating an apartment doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive. It doesn’t have to be a page out of a magazine or follow a seasonal design trend. All it has to be is a practical and satisfying space where you feel safe and relaxed. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even have to be time-consuming. How to Start Decorating an Apartment? You can change areas of your apartment as you feel like it and as you can afford it. Start with each room. Think about what you don’t like and what you would like to change. Is the bedroom too cluttered? Do you lack storage in the bathroom? Does your living room feel dull and boring? By taking a closer look at what you want to change you can start thinking about what you would like to include. Maybe you want to bring more light and color into the room, or you need to get more organized? Luckily, there are ways to address each of these requirements with the right approach, mindset, and creativity. Let me share some tips to help you get motivated and start decorating your apartment! Choose a Room Looking at your whole apartment and the thing you don’t enjoy can leave you feeling overwhelmed and miserable! Don’t turn a molehill into a mountain as the saying goes! Look at one room and decide what you need to do to turn that room into a good space. I usually start with the bedroom because it is a place where I relax and rejuvenate for the start of the new week. The bedroom is also an intimate space where only you hangout. If it is disorganized, cluttered, and just a space that lacks personality, it becomes hard to feel motivated or just relax in the room. Now when I talk about changing a room I don’t mean renovate. I don’t mean knock out walls or add fixtures because a lot of these things you can’t do in a rental apartment, house, or condo. What you can do is introduce inexpensive accessories that you enjoy and reflect your personality. What to Change in Your First Room? Whether the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, think of ways you can make the area more practical. Small doesn’t mean that a room can’t be practical. Practical means that the room is functional. You can reach what you need to reach, you find things easily, and you can move around in the space without it being restricted by clutter and unnecessary “things.” A low-maintenance room that is airy, light, and bright is a sure way to lift your spirits. Choose a Color Now, I know you can’t paint the walls of an apartment you’re renting but what you can do is choose a color to spice up your interior. Most apartments have neutral colors on the wall. White, beige, grey, and cream are the regular shades you will find on apartment walls. These neutrals make it easy to choose a bright color to enhance the space. How to Introduce Color to an Apartment? Scatter Cushions I adore scatter cushions in a home because it is the easiest and the most affordable way to introduce color. Scatters are also available in a variety of striking textures and patterns. For the bedroom, fluffy and faux fur pillows are great for the winter months. Because the living area receives more traffic than a bedroom, it is best to choose materials that are durable and washable. Cotton is a good choice and is the least expensive. Be sure to look out for removable covers so you can quickly wash a stain or dirt without having to soak the dense inner. DIY Scatter Cushions If you have a bit of time and you enjoy a simple craft, you could also decorate your own scatter cushions. To do this, you can visit any craft store in-person or online and get a few buttons, flower décor, or crystals depending on the look and feel. Buttons are neutral and more masculine while adding flower embellishments creates a soft, feminine touch. Use the Space Under the Stairs Many homes and condos have staircases. Depending on the design of the property, you may find an empty cavity underneath the stairs. This can be used for storage. If you don’t want it to become an eyesore, consider an affordable screen to create privacy. You can also place goods in boxes, stack them below the stairs, and use the screen to keep them hidden away. Don’t forget to label the boxes so you keep tabs on what is in storage. Organize the Countertops Whether a small or large room, when you walk into a kitchen and the countertops are cluttered with stuff, the entire room immediately feels cramped and disorganized. No one wants to clean and repack the counters every day. You can buy small plastic storage bins. You put fruit, cutlery, and even cleaning stuff in the bins. For food such as rice and pasta, storage containers neatly placed on the counter will increase cupboard space. Trim the Windows If your apartment doesn’t have a permanent blind or window treatment, you can add your very own curtains, blinds, or drapes. The Pleated Curtain The pleated curtain is one of the most popular styles of window treatment. It adds a soft and modern look to any room. The Blockout Curtain If your apartment receives direct sunlight, a blockout curtain can help! It consists of a thick material meant to prevent the sunlight from streaming in. Not only can it contribute to a cooler environment, but it also minimizes the UV rays from damaging furniture. Blinds Blinds are the simplest and easiest to maintain window treatments. You can find blinds in plastic, bamboo, and wood finishes. Only if your landlord permits or the fixtures are already attached to the wall can you hang a blind. Making Use of a Small Space Means Creating a Room That Reflects Who You Are Add the things You Love When design inspiration is lacking, think about what you enjoy looking at and surrounding yourself with. Is it bright colors, artwork, family pictures, or minimalist living? When you know what to look for, it becomes easier to gradually add the bits and pieces that will leave you feeling like a proud homeowner. Apartment decorating and making good use of space should also be done over time. Rushing simply puts pressure on your choices and leaves you spending unnecessary money. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Choose the Right Style of Furniture Making good use of a small space means the right furniture. If an apartment already has built-in cupboards you simply need to find out whether it is big enough to store your clothing and shoes. When you need extra storage space, you can use ottomans, shoe racks, clothing racks, and flat-pack furniture. These items offer the storage you need without taking up too much space. It also doesn’t require permanent fixtures which can go a long way to protecting your security deposit. Create a Budget When you budget, you can better plan what you need for your apartment or your rental home. You have a specific sum to work with so look at your most pressing needs. Do you need to add curtains, a rug, or a few new furniture pieces? Remember, while you may not be able to drill into the walls to add shelves etc. you can accessorize in your own time. Focus on the needs first and the wants later. Maintaining Your Rental The easiest way to make use of space is with maintenance. Organize your home and keep your hand on the clutter. Whether a modern space or outdated apartment, simply having a system in which your belongings have a place, your countertops are clear, and your cupboards organized, you can enjoy every room and feel relaxed in your environment. I speak from personal experience when I’ve gone to a cupboard to find one item and had to unpack the entire cabinet because it was so cluttered! I didn’t plan for the time spent reorganizing my things which added to a stressful and rather annoying event! How to Get Organized Look at the items, food, or clothing you use frequently. Keep these goods within reach. If you have a preferred mug for your coffee each morning, it is better to place it in the front row of cups, mugs, and plates. Items that are not used at all should be stored. Make the Most of Your Balcony If you have an apartment balcony, it is a great area to get decorating and to make the most of the space. A popular way to decorate balconies is with trimmings during the holidays. Many renters enjoy sharing in the spirit of the holidays with a wide range of affordable decorating ideas. Whether you make your own decorations or purchase décor at a store, let’s look at the ways you can make the most of your balcony space. Table and Chairs Depending on the size of the balcony, you can add a small table and chairs set. It doesn’t have to be large or elaborate but rather a simple seating area where you can relax and unwind. Potted Plants Add a few plants in containers for some greenery. If you do use plants to decorate, add pots of different sizes. This creates depth and visual interest. Along with plants and tables, you can include storage containers to place goods that don’t have to remain in the house. Ensure the containers are waterproof and protect against harsh sunlight. With a little bit of thought into what you need first, then what is attractive, you can create a home that is functional and appealing. What Does It Means to Make Good Use of Space? Making good use of space doesn’t mean going over the top. It also doesn’t mean that you have to use every inch of the room. It is about looking at areas that need improving and considering what you need to live practically. Is it more space? Is it less clutter? Do you need assistance getting organized? With so many popular styles of furniture and containers, you can get smart with accessories to maximize space. When you can live practically and breathe easily in your home, you know that you are making the best possible use of space no matter the season, the week, or the day.

  • Low Income House Buying

    Part of the "American Dream" is to own your home, but the reality is that for people with low income, bad credit or eviction history this might seems impossible. Yes, eviction affects buying a house, but also yes, you can buy a house with eviction on your background. There are also home buyers that were able to get a home loan without a job, it's all about the right course of action. Low income housing buying is possible but achieving this goal can be an ongoing financial difficulty. In this guide you would learn that with the right steps and knowledge, you can achieve the dream of owning your home. If you earn at $12 or more an hour this guide will help you make your home buying dream a reality! The steps for buying a house on low income: Save Money (your text returns, stimulations checks, live below your ability) Improve your background and credit record (it's easier than you think) Build stable income (stay at your job) Apply for a mortgage Buy a house If you follow the steps above, in 3 (5 is better) years you will be able to buy affordable home and probably be able to pay lower housing payments than your current rent. Meanwhile, you can rent second chance housing to save money. Save Money You need to understand how financing a house works and it's not much different than buying a car (without getting into transferring ownership of real estate). You apply for a mortgage aka loan, get approved for certain amount and then you search for a home you can afford to buy. The approval of mortgage and the amount based on several of factors and in a basic english, the lander estimates the risk for a default on the loan. The approval factors among others include employment stability, money available to put down and your income amount which is translate to your ability to make monthly payments. Because the lender evaluates the risk your credit and background comes in to play as well. If you have eviction and/or collection it doesn't mean you will be denied, it's just means that your starting point is more challenging. 3 years will take you to build substantial amount of cash to put down, 3 years of same workplace will show steady income and 3 years without new collection and eviction will show that you trying to do your best. What Mortgage Payments can I Afford? The first step to determining your affordability is to calculate what you can pay on a mortgage. Take your income (monthly), your expenses (insurance, loans, etc.), and your general living costs (groceries, utilities, etc.). Based on the finances you have leftover for the month, determine how much you can use towards savings. A general rule of affordability is to save at least 3 months of future housing payments or the amount you have dedicated to a home loan each month. With a backup savings pocket, you can rest assured that you can continue to cover your mortgage payments should an unexpected event occur. Let's assume you making only $12 an hour which is about $1,600 net income. You should spend no more than $500 a month on rent or a mortgage payments. So if you would be able to save $8,000 to put down (and you can, 3 years of tax returns), you would be able to buy a house worth $70,000 with 4.5% interest. That calculation ends up to only $495 a month on housing payment. Setting Your First Financial Goal to Buy a Home As an example, we will set the goal to save $15,000 in five years. This means you need to put at least $3,000 in reserve to achieve this sum. Once you deduct your monthly essentials and frivolous expenses, what you are left with may seem futile when looking at purchasing a home. However, if you can work towards saving at least $3000 annually you will be surprised at what you can do to get approved for the desired mortgage. Dedication, Accountability, and a Plan Start by saving your tax return for the next 5 years that totals $3,000. If your earnings are greater, you can add this to the monthly saving. If you have completed your tax return and you earn less than $3,000, it is a good idea to divide the remaining balance across your pay periods for the year and make deposits into your savings. The purpose is to get into the habit of smart savings and financial planning. Stick to the plan! Consider this scenario, if you do not purchase a costly TV, a new car, or a want (not a need), then you are left with more money to build your savings plan and create a down payment on a home. This means that in five years you would have your $15,000 we talked about before. The $15,000 you save will be your down payment for your home, and with this amount you monthly payment on a $70,000 house will be as low as $420. This is lower than most affordable homes to rent. Why Set the Goal of Purchasing a Home at $15,000? If you have bad credit, evictions, and collections in your past your interest could be 4.5% which means a down payment of 20%. However, if your credit is fair and you are 25 years old, by the time you turn 30 you can buy a house making less than $20,000 a year. If you are at the of age 30 and have $15,000 available for a down-payment, you need to look at the cost of housing. For those who are making $12 an hour, your monthly mortgage should not exceed $415 including taxes and insurance. When we add a 4% interest with a 20% down payment, the house’s worth that you can cover will total $90,000. If you choose a cheaper home value of approximately $50,000 with a $15,000 down payment, your rent will average $200 per month. Sounds good right! And that’s based on $12 an hour earnings. So if you make more, you can buy a more expensive house. It All Comes Down to Saving Your Tax Return Saving your tax returns is vital to helping you buy a home on low income. It means that within 5 years of apartment renting, you may afford to purchase a house with a mortgage that would end up less than your monthly apartment rent! It is a simple process with a simple return. No gimmicks or hidden terms. If you are disciplined enough to save your tax return and focus on your financial goals, you can find yourself signing the transfer papers to homeownership. For those who end up making below $3000 in a tax return income, you have the option to extend the years for saving towards a mortgage or you can add to the balance with your weekly or monthly wage to compensate for the difference. Can I Afford a Home with an FHA Loan? For most property purchases and the approval of a mortgage, you need a down payment of at least 20%. For a smaller down payment of around 3.5%, you could qualify for an FHA loan. The FHA loan is ideal for those with a less than favorable credit score. Because its qualifying terms are not as strict as a conventional home loan, it is more readily available to those with a negative credit history. What Happens in My Retirement? If you retire and receive a total of $750 in Social Security income, you will not have to use this to pay rent if your house is paid in full. This means that the $750 received can go towards other expenses, investments, and even property upgrades. It Starts with a Plan It is time to take the initiative and to plan our lives better. We can achieve the goal of the “American Dream” and own our very own property, but it takes time, and it takes dedication. If you earn $12-$16 monthly and wish to purchase a home, do not allow the time or the sacrifice to deter you from reaching your purpose. With some planning, or should I rather say, with a structured plan, you can own your very own property. The purpose of our guide is to assist in determining just how much you should save to make a sound and rewarding investment. The amount you save each week or each month will depend on your earnings, your expenses, and the period in which you need to afford mortgage approval and a down payment. With low income or bad credit, it is certainly not impossible to purchase a home. Remember to focus on yourself and what you can afford. If you struggle to cope with debts and finances, you can also consult with a professional financial advisor to make the most of your earnings while reducing outstanding debts. Programs and Resources for Low Income Housing Loans Govloans USA NTLA

  • Low-Income Families Housing Help

    Is Affordable Housing the Answer for Low-Income or Bad Credit Families? When you and your family need an apartment to rent but the rising cost of living, bad credit, or financial difficulty make lease approval difficult, it may be time to consider help with affordable housing. Affordable housing, low-income properties, second chance apartment complexes, income based apartments, tax credit housing, Section 8 and HUD can bring big stress to new renters that seek for help. The reputation of public housing or home assistance is not good. Families usually try to avoid moving to lower class homes because of the kids and what the friends might say. In reality, like everything, it's all about how to choose the right solution to the current situation and make the best out of it. The Benefits of Affordable Housing for Families If at a point of life that the housing cost eating too much of your disposable income, if your total expenses sum up to your earnings and you don't know how to close this gap you need help. When you select the right type of housing that solves your situation you would be able to focus on what's matters in life - your family. when you considering affordable housing options, before you even start looking for them you need to make sure that they will support your family needs. Environment Education for your kids - school zones Security Financial stability supporting long term goals Environment It's no secret that most of the homes that are intended to help families in a bad financial situation are not in the best locations. Usually, low-income housing will be in low value land. But the location still needs to be in good condition. When you go to see the locations take a second to see the upkeep of the property and try to talk with passing by residents. There might be unhappy people in the office but in every business, there is upset customers, try to get the vibe from the place and see if people proud where they live and how long they been there. A good indication for good apartment complex is a waiting list of people who put down a deposit. When there is more demand than the supply, it's usually a positive indicator about the product. Children's Education Check the school zone of the location and what they offer. Some schools may not fit your kids and some will. One of the most important things in life is not the school by itself it how parents continue the education at home. The school system might not be the best but you can still make the most out of it. Another option that might help you is to see if you can send your kids to a different school where you can drop them on your way to work. Security You want to feel secure in your place of living even if it's based on assistance or affordable housing options. One of the things you should pay attention to is if the community have controlled access, security cameras, security and additional security measurements they take or able to provide. No rental housing can guarantee safety, but they can increase it. Also check how many times this specific location been mentioned in the news and how frequent. Remember, you want to find peaceful boring affordable place to live that will help you to get back on your feet. Financial Stability Financial stability is not only the place you live it's also a lot about what you doing with this opportunity. With housing help, you will be able to spend less money on living and start building your future. You can look on it as an in between situation. Take the help and start saving, avoid eviction and stay and your job. If you would put in your mind that you want to buy a house, with the right steps you would be able too. You can check our guide for how to buy a house on low-income. What type of Housing Help Will Help You The Most? The right home option can have a big impact on your life negative and positive. If you take section 8 housing and choose to live on section 8 property than you might face some high domestic disturbance. If you go to income-based apartments, when your income will grow so is your expenses on rent. Second chance properties are also diverse, from accepting evictions and collection to some felony charges. You need to understand the options and to think what will be the best one for you. More than often some of the properties are a mix home options so try also to know to which market the property is more relevant. Affordable Housing Affordable housing is usually an in between solution. This type apartments are more cost effective but necessarily will accept people with recent evictions or collections. Affordable communities are tend to hold high standards of management and focusing on a low-income families. Low-Income Low-income apartments like the affordable housing are targeting the low-income families that need the help but they also can tolerate late payments and other situations. Low-income properties usually understand that if the car broke down, the resident have a dilemma between paying rent on time or to fix the car so he will be able to get to work. You should always ask what the policy regarding being late. Second Chance Second chance apartments are for residents that have evictions, collections, bad credit, no steady job and other unlucky situations. A good second chance property will usually try to help a renter to get back on their path. They are more flexible on background and credit. We created a full guide on how to rent a second chance apartment. Income Based Income based homes rent is based on your income. They will take a very small portion out of your declared income and the rest will be matching by the government. This is very good option for people that are on fixed income or people that have hard time to find a job. If over time the renters income increasing, the out-of-pocket rent will increase as well. Tax Credit Tax credit housing are programs set by the government to provide an economic incentive for a developer to designate a land for low-income housing. Usually, the cost of new construction is not justifying to rent to low-income, so in order to continue the supply of low-income housing for rent the tax credit programs are set in place. The tax credit properties are obligated to a low price for thiers apartments rent, but they can have high qualifications to be approved to rent from them. Section 8 Section 8 is a program where one can apply only on the dates the program opens and there is a pending list. Section 8 usually considered as the best affordable housing help in the market. That's because in the section 8 program, the government pays your rent directly to the landlord and the renter pays a very small portion out of it. The down side of section 8 is the very long pending list. In addition to a long pending list, not every property accepting section 8 and that's because of the bad reputation of the tenants and the section 8 inspectors. You have to distinguish between section 8 property and property that accepting section 8. The first one is dedicated to section 8 and trying to have as many section 8 renters as possible while the later is just accepting section 8 renters from time to time HUD HUD is the department of housing and urban development government agency, have all kind of programs from time to time. HUD trying to do their best to provide the best housing solutions and from time to time they have new programs that might help you. check them out: HUD. Public Housing Public housing is very similar to section 8, were the renter is not (almost) paying rent but it's usually comes with a different cost. Public housing is government managed and owned housing projects. Some of the projects are very good, but most of the public housing are usually not that great. When a household need a low income help with housing or a situation become unstable finding the right solution can be the difference between temporarily situation and a long-term difficulties. Each situation in have a different type f help. Evictions, collections and bad credit can be solved by renting a second chance, while a temporary lost of income can be compensated buy a local housing assistance like MIFA or special dedicated funds. By a recent research conducted by "The National Low Income Housing Coalition" - Adequate Supply of Affordable Rental Housing for the Lowest Income Renters - there is a high shortage of housing solutions for renters that are considered low income. During Covid-19, in the USA, unemployment rose to 20% in some areas forcing more renters to find a better solution or seek for help. During 2021 in some of the majors cities unemployment is still very high and more families finding themselves in a situation where they have to lower their standards of living. With the right steps and information households can create a better future. "The future will be better tomorrow" - Dan Quayle

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  • TN, Memphis, Cottonwood Apartments

    Cottonwood Apartments Memphis, TN By Apartments Near Me Rich on Culture, Diverse in Community Second Chance by Nature Floor Plans Contact Us Residents PHOTO GALLERY APARTMENTS HOME Our newly renovated apartment units, come equipped with everything you need. Be filled with excitement knowing every amenity you need is all encompassed in your community. Gallery FLOOR PLANS IN YOUR BUDGET We provide spacious floor plans for any lifestyle. All properties come with different amenities creating an all-in-one experience for current and prospective tenants. Floor Plans BOOK YOUR TOUR RENT YOUR HOME Give us a call, send us an email, or come visit, we would love to see you. Our top of the line office staff is ready to help you find your new apartment home. Book Now Your Second Chance Starts Here Cottonwood Apartments are situated right in the heart of East Memphis. Located in an epicenter for culture, the Cottonwood apartments offer spacious one and two bedroom apartment homes for rent. Cottonwood is currently being fully renovated and is definitely a must see if considering moving to the 38118 zip code. You are sure to enjoy the spacious floor plans of the One & Two Bedroom Apartment Homes. Cottonwood not only offers the ideal living environment, but also a countless number of amenities for not just you, but the entire family. Book Your Discount Cottonwood Apartments Pictures Newly renovated- you do not want to miss this! You won’t believe the before and after. This property once damaged by an unforeseen natural disaster has been transformed into the “place to talk about in East Memphis”. From the volleyball court to the pool, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Onsite Laundry facilities keep residents from having to leave the community and as an added bonus the laundry room comes with its very own vending machine. Floor Plans 3D 2 Bedroom Apartment Model Our one bedroom and two bedroom apartment homes come equipped with a fully renovated modernly designed bathroom and gas equipped power saving appliances. The units have been renovated with new AC systems, but if you would rather cool down or heat up outside Cottonwood is also equipped with a beautiful spacious picnic area not too far from the playground so the kids can play while you relax. Contact Us Email Phone (901) 360-8400 Phone number: (901) 360-8400 Email: Address: 4653 Cotton Dr, Memphis, TN 38118 Facebook: Cottonwood Apartments Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Submit Please leave this field empty. Cottonwood Frequently Asked Questions Are Cottonwood Apartments Second Chance Friendly? Cottonwood Apartments are second chance friendly. Moreover, Cottonwood Apartments maintain high community standards. We offer rental units to second chance renters as well as first-time renters. Also, check out our move-in specials. What Move-in specials does Cottonwood Apartments have on renting apartments? Our move-in specials are subject to change depending on what is best suited for potential residents. Call our office at 901-360-8400 for most up-to-date specials. Where are Cottonwood Apartments located? 4653 Cotton Dr, Memphis, TN 38118. Click this link “ ” for directions Cottonwood Apartments What is Cottonwood Apartments phone number? (901) 360-8400 Are Cottonwood Apartments pet friendly? If your pet is friendly, we are friendly. Just keep it clean. What do I need to do in order to apply for an apartment with Cottonwood Apartments? To move into an apartment in Cottonwood Apartments you will need to do an application. To start the application process just leave your information and we will contact you back with the next steps by clicking right here. How soon can I move in once I'm approved? Once your application is approved, you will need to visit the office to start the leasing process for your new apartment. What hours are Cottonwood Apartments open? We are open Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:30 pm

  • First Time Renter | Apartments Near Me

    First Time Renter No rental history and no credit history Are you a First Time Renter? Renting for the first time can seem like a long and grueling process, but it does not have to be. Educating yourself as a first-time renter can be the key to ensuring that your rental application process goes through smoothly. If you are questioning whether you should rent an apartment or home, check out our blog section, under “Why Live in an Apartment Complex?”. Positive & Negatives of Being a First Time Renter Did you know that more often than first-time renters have little to no credit or rental history which can affect the approval or denial of the application. Of course, it is often assumed that if you do not have rental history and negative credit you would be automatically approved, but in all actuality, this is a plus and a minus. The plus is that there is no negative credit history and the minus is the fact that you have no credit history. A landlord or management company needs a basis upon which to evaluate your application. If they are unable to process your application based on the necessary information it is probable that it could be denied. When you have little to no credit it does not give the landlord the ability to see if you do or do not pay your bills. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for the landlord to be able to assess the risk of you as an applicant. This is why educating yourself on or even a house for that matter is important. how to rent an apartment The Do’s of First Time Renting A good rule of thumb for first time renters is to make sure you have a longevity of employment history which will show stability. If you hop from job to job, or have a lack of employment history that will also negatively affect your application. It is also good to start building your credit at least six months prior to the anticipated move. However, with that you want to make sure that if it is a credit card, you make on time payments and that whatever line of credit you do accept, that you are able to maintain that account and remain in good standing. Ultimately, when doing any application the applicant needs to be able to provide documentation that proves he or she will be able to follow through with the terms of the agreement. As a renter you have to be able to follow the terms of the which is more or less the terms and conditions that are required to be met to live at a specific location. lease agreement The Do’s of First Time Renting A good rule of thumb for first time renters is to make sure you have a longevity of employment history which will show stability. If you hop from job to job, or have a lack of employment history that will also negatively affect your application. It is also good to start building your credit at least six months prior to the anticipated move. However, with that you want to make sure that if it is a credit card, you make on time payments and that whatever line of credit you do accept, that you are able to maintain that account and remain in good standing. Ultimately, when doing any application the applicant needs to be able to provide documentation that proves he or she will be able to follow through with the terms of the agreement. As a renter you have to be able to follow the terms of the which is more or less the terms and conditions that are required to be met to live at a specific location. lease agreement First Time Renter Preparedness Do you know your anticipated move-in date? Have you researched the area? Is your anticipated apartment in a new city or state? Have you called and asked about availability and requirements? These are all questions you should have answers to that will increase and affect the efficiency of your application process. The application process requires participation from the landlord and the applicant; ensuring that all your ducks are in a row will make not only the process smoother, but will help you start to develop a with your future potential landlord. Imagine if you are interviewing for a job: would you be late to your appointment; would you not bring your resume; would you come improperly dressed? I hope the answer to all those questions was no. As always and with anything the first key to success is preparation. Always be prepared so when the time comes you do not have to get prepared. Not being prepared vs. being prepared in any situation could make all the difference. good working relationship The First Time Renter & The Security Deposit Did you know that even if you do not have credit history or rental history that the application could be approved, but potentially with a higher ? “A deposit for a rental property is requested with every lease agreement. The purpose is to protect both tenant and landlord for the duration of the lease while securing the property you are interested in. There are many factors and conditions surrounding deposits and rentals.” When you call to inquire about availability and requirements you should ask whomever you speak with about the deposit process. Some places may not be able to give you a definite amount, because some deposits are based on your individual information, but if you can get a ballpark figure it will definitely help when mapping out your moving expenses. Some deposits are due before you are allowed to sign the lease and finish the process and in other cases deposits are due at the time of the lease signing. This information is going to be relative to your specific rental company. Remember, what one company does or allows, another company or landlord may not. security deposit Up or Down? This is the Question With all that being said, there is more than just paperwork when it comes to renting your first apartment. Now that we discussed the not so great part of the rental process, let’s discuss the fun aspect. The first great option about moving is that if you have never lived alone, you now have that option (if all application requirements are met). Another great option is choosing if you want an . From speaking with a lot of people, this is something that about half of renters consider, the other half is usually just ready to move. There are many reasons that you may want an upstairs or downstairs unit. It could be because you like loud music, maybe you have children, tend to be a heavy walker or maybe you are a night owl - these are things you should consider also when moving to your first apartment. Some companies may allow you to decide upstairs or downstairs and some may not - this is something you ask in the beginning when you initially start your apartment hunt. upstairs or downstairs apartment Create, Discover & Imagine as a First Time Renter Last, but certainly not least have you considered how you’re going to decorate? Do you have a theme or idea that you want displayed across your home? Well, once you move you can start the process of making your apartment feel like home. Of course you can buy items and furniture to furnish your apartment, but did you know you can also make original works of art for your home too. When thinking about furniture and decorations for your first apartment consider some . DIY options may take more of your time, but they often tend to be cheaper. DIY options also allow you to have one-of-a-kind pieces throughout your home. Not only is this a way of displaying your creative talents, but your work can also act as conversation starters for when you have company and don’t forget your housewarming party! DIY options Preparation + Education = Success as a First Time Renter Just remember everything is a process. The only way processes become easier if by educating yourself on the necessary information ahead of time. Being a first-time renter should be exciting and not stressful, but a lot that depends on you as the applicant. Always remember “ by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. For more information on First-Time Renting, check out our blog . The A-B-C Guide to First Time Renting Learn more about: How to be approved for and apartment How to pass a background check How to find the right apartment Application Evaluation Poor credit and application approval ​ Have questions? just check out our ​ Housing application FAQ page ​ Disclaimer: This is being provided as a general service for the public and not specifically relevant to the properties associated with this website. This is only for common knowledge and does not assume any responsibility. Apartment Design Strategies to Increase Your Living Experience 20 Write a comment Low Income House Buying 1,736 1 7 Low-Income Families Housing Help 47 Write a comment 4

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    How To Pass A Background Check Like A Pro Are you looking to rent an apartment or renew your lease but fear what might appear on your background check? At Apartments Near Me we always encourage our tenants to put their best foot forward! This means exercising complete transparency when it comes to your credit, rental, or criminal history. With our simple tips we can help you pass your background check and , from the get-go! create a successful landlord and tenant relationship Why Do Landlords Perform a Background Check? The reason for running a background check or tenant screening, is to ensure the landlord’s business and property are protected against damage, losses, and legal pursuits owing to tenant activity. It also serves the purpose of ensuring that the information presented in your application is an accurate reflection of your financial and personal history. This helps the landlord choose the best possible tenants with confidence. If you do have something questionable on your report, it could compromise your chances of receiving approval for an apartment. Fortunately, past financial or rental issues do not mean the end of the road! We take a closer look at the steps you can take to pass your background check when applying for an apartment to rent. What is a Background Check for an Apartment? A background check for an apartment is performed by a landlord as part of screening and selecting potential tenants. A background check can include: National criminal record Credit report History of eviction Employment history Government related incidents Your landlord can opt to investigate all or one of these checks prior to issuing approval for a lease. Along with providing your consent to the check, future tenants are required to cover the cost of the screening. What Shows on a Background Check? If you have been evicted, dealt with a criminal charge, faced a government related incident, or have bad credit, these could show up on your report. Landlords are permitted to look into any aspect of your background. While they can ask for your consent to do so, they are not legally obligated to. So, with or without your permission, your future landlord or property manager can run a full background check. Understanding how to manage the incidents on your reports can go a long way to receiving approval for an ! apartment lease First Step, Perform Your Own Background Check It is a good idea to perform your own background check. You can identify exactly what is in your report and create a plan of action based on your findings. How to Manage the Following Incidents on Your Reports Bad Credit You’ve just performed a credit check and discovered a subprime credit rating (a subprime credit rating consists of a score between 580 and 669). While a credit check is the most performed assessment when applying for an apartment, there are things you can do to improve your application. If you are currently working on settling your outstanding bills, provide the landlord with proof of your efforts. Whether settling a credit card or a bill with a previous landlord, bank statements reflecting installments to reduce debt assures the landlord you are taking steps to improving your financial stability. Evictions Perhaps you have been evicted from a previous apartment. An eviction will remain on your rental history report for 7 years from the date of the eviction. If 7 years has passed, you’re in the clear, if not, consider adding an explanation as to why you were evicted. You can add character testimonials from an employer and friends or colleagues to reassure the landlord of your reliability and trustworthiness. Criminal Record If you have a criminal or felony record, there are still ways you can successfully apply to rent an apartment. Second Chance Apartments are the Way to Go! It is always a good idea to apply to properties with landlords and not property managers. Better yet, a is a great way to start and to establish sound rental habits, reliable rental payments, and overall positive tenancy. second chance apartment Check Your State Law Concerning Criminal Background Checks Be sure to learn more about state laws concerning background checks. There are certain states that will not reveal a conviction or record that is older than 7 years. This means that you do not have to disclose your criminal history. Show Positive Character Your landlord wants to know that they can depend on you to successfully run their business. This means paying rent on time, avoiding tenancy issues, and potential evictions. Provide documents to show you have built a new life. This can include character testimonials, educational pursuits, motivational support for youth, and activities you believe will place your circumstances in a positive light. We all deserve second chances and with. What to Do if You are Not Approved for an Apartment? If you are not approved, it is not the end! Simply try again and remember to remain transparent. You can also check our tips on to help you in your next apartment application. how to get approved for an apartment What if I Feel the Background Check was Unfair? If you feel you have been discriminated against based on your background check, speak to the landlord to determine why your application was denied. What to Do with the Things On My Background? The best chance of increasing your approval for an apartment is to bring in any paperwork that supports your current status. Remember landlords evaluate risks. They want to make sure tenants will take care of the property and will honor the lease agreement. So, any document that shows positive business behavior and practices can help to lower your risk and ultimately improve your application approval. A great way to work on improving your rental, credit or personal history is to first to apply for second-chance properties, build a positive impression and show a reliable source of income. You can the right way here. The most important thing to consider is that even if you have a criminal past, be honest about it. If you try to hide information there is a higher likelihood of denial. learn how apply ​ Learn more about: How to be approved for and apartment How to find the right apartment Application Evaluation Poor credit and application approval First time renter ​ Have questions? just check out our ​ Housing application FAQ page ​ ​ Disclaimer: This is being provided as a general service for the public and not specifically relevant to the properties associated with this website. This is only for common knowledge and does not assume any responsibility. Apartment Design Strategies to Increase Your Living Experience 20 Write a comment Low Income House Buying 1,736 1 7 Low-Income Families Housing Help 47 Write a comment 4

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