First Time Renter

No rental history and no credit history

As first time renter you should that:

First-time renters more than likely do not have any rental history or sufficient credit on their background. Of course, we would assume that no rental history and no bad credit would assure approval, but in all actuality, this is a plus and minus. 

The plus is that the credit is not bad. The minus is there is also nothing good on the credit. We have to remember that the leasing office will be looking for a basis upon which to base your application. Not having credit does not give the company the ability to see if you will or will not pay your bills. This unfortunately makes it difficult for the landlord to be able to assess the risk of the applicant.

For first-time renters, we suggest having a good employment history which shows stability. Also,  showing taxes for previous years and even bringing a co-signer if the property will allow that can increase approval chances. 
We also suggest that half a year prior to starting the apartment hunt, you start working on building your credit history.

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