How to be approved for an apartment?

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When starting your search for apartments for rent the first thing you should consider is the category of renter you fall under.

There are three categories of renters, as follows:

  1. The First Time Renter

    • No Rental History 

    • Potentially Little to No Credit History

  2. The Second-Chance Renter 

    •  Negative Rental History

    •  Poor Credit 

    • Insufficient Employment History

  3. The Good Renter

    •  Positive Rental History

    • Sufficient Credit History

    • Longevity with Employer

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These are some options to increase your chances of rental approval:

  1. If you are an independent contractor or self-employed, be sure to bring at least the last two years tax returns to show proof and increase credibility of income.

  2. If you are a second-chance renter, try your best to clear up some of the negative rental history or past due balances and then provide documentation of the same to the leasing office.

  3. If you have negative or low credit, try to show a zero balance for utility companies. This is one of the most important factors when being considered for second-chance programs.  

  4. If you are a good renter – make sure that you continue to live within your means and maintain your budget.

Want to know what else could increase your chances for approval?

  1. Identification and a Social Security Card for every person applying, including the children.

  2. One-month worth of check stubs. If you have longevity with your current employer, a copy of your tax return will help show income and increase credibility.

  3. If you have pets, bring information about them – even a picture.


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