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Apartment Moving Companies Made Easy

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

You’ve been approved for an apartment and now it’s time to move, but how do you choose a moving company you can afford and trust? The last thing anyone needs when they move is lost or damaged furniture!

To help you make the right decision, and to make your move that much easier, we help you with a few handy tips to get the best mover on your side.

Why Should You Hire a Mover?

Why Hire a Mover?
Why Hire a Mover?

Moving companies are specialized in transporting your furniture and belongings to a new location. Movers have the trolleys, the ramps, trucks, trailers, and the team to haul your goods safely and efficiently from your current address to a new apartment or home. This means the protection of your valuables and prevents injuries attempting to load heavy furniture.

If you are moving interstate, reliable movers are a must. They can handle the entire process with a trusted crew and have the transportation to get your goods to their destination in one piece.

How to Find an Affordable Moving Company?

Always Use a Reliable Company!
Always Use a Reliable Company!

Compare, compare, and compare some more! I know the best way to find a mover who can pack, load, and safely transport your goods on budget and on time is with thorough quote comparisons. How can you possibly find the right price if you don’t know whether a competitor can improve upon a given estimate? By narrowing your search to 5 movers and comparing the estimates of each, you can find value and affordability.

The Best Way to Save Money on a Moving Company

The best way to save on the costs of your next move is to pack as many valuables as you can yourself. Movers can charge an arm and a leg just for the materials used to wrap your fridge or couch, let alone the labor! By bubble wrapping and packing your smaller items such as cutlery and clothing into boxes, you can reduce the overall cost. Yes, it may take some elbow grease but with enough time to plan, you can certainly save!

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Steps You Can Take to Hire a Reliable Mover

Make Sure You are Taking the RIght Steps
Make Sure You are Taking the RIght Steps

Try to look for a company 3 weeks prior to moving. This should provide enough time to start comparing and planning.

Let’s look at the following steps to hire a reliable mover.

Check Reviews and Get References

Reviews and references are the best ways to find the services of a reputable moving company. The purpose of both reviews and references is to determine the standard of service provided by the mover.

Reviews involve the opinions of former customers. This includes testimonials featured on the company website, social media posts, and forums.

You can ask the mover for references. References are the contact details of previous customers who are willing to share their experiences using the services of the company. A mover who is unwilling to share references is a red flag!

Check with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) helps consumers by issuing a rating on the performance of specific companies. You can contact the BBB concerning a specific moving company. The purpose is to learn whether previous complaints have been issued against the mover. It is a simple yet effective way to prevent making a poor decision.

Find Experienced Movers

A moving company should have a few years’ experiences. Experience comes with the necessary expertise to navigate challenges and provide fair pricing. It includes the vehicles or equipment needed to safely haul goods and furniture. A moving company must have a trained team with the knowledge to handle and pack valuables in an organized manner.

Get Quotes and Compare

Once you have found a few companies of interest, contact a mover for a quotation. You should find 4 to 5 company estimates and make comparisons. Some quotes may be cheaper which is not always a good thing. The cheapest quote doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve scored a great deal. By looking at different estimates you can see where there is a significant difference in the rates. Ask movers why their costs are a lot higher or lower than that of the competitor.

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Smart Ways You Can Save During Your Next Move

Make Smart Choices
Make Smart Choices

A move can be expensive so finding ways to save will help you stick to a budget.

We look at the smart ways to save when moving into a new apartment or house.

Make a Checklist

The only way to keep track of everything before and after the move is to make a checklist. Create categories for each room and clearly label the boxes or packaged goods so you can locate your valuables every step of the way.

Sort Perishable and Non-Perishable Foods

Pack all non-perishables into a box and the products you don’t use donate to charity. You can prepare meats and perishables and place them in sealable containers.

Find Affordable Packing Materials

Boxes, wrapping, and tape to package your belongings should be sought long before your move date. Find cheap packaging online or use boxes and wrapping you already have. You can also use suitcases to pack clothing, books, and non-fragile items.

Pack Your Own Valuables

Start packing the items you don’t use and label the boxes. By preparing your own packaging and placing your clothing, crockery, cutlery, and small appliances in boxes, you cut the costs of having the movers do the job for you.

Ask Family and Friends for Help

Try to get your family and friends to help you wrap, pack, and move some goods. Whether you are placing valuables into storage, moving everything on the day, or giving some things away, the extra help is always handy and shouldn’t cost a dime.

Moving Can Be Fun!
Moving Can Be Fun!

Plan a Move During the Week

A weekend move can be chaotic. It is busy during this time and your mover is more likely to charge a higher rate. Plan a move for the week and when most people have left for work. If you’re moving into an apartment, you certainly don’t want to hog the stairs while your new neighbor is trying to get to work!

Request a Fixed Cost

The rates in the estimate should not change during the move. Fixed rates mean that you pay a set cost and can remain within your budget regardless of the time it takes to move. This is a good idea where moving companies charge by the hour!

Prepare for the Arrival of the Moving Company

Should you choose a mover that charges by the hour, the best way you can save is to prepare as much as you can before they arrive. By getting organized you ensure that everything moves more efficiently.

The first step is to organize your boxes. Ready packaged and labeled boxes all set up in one room make it easier and faster for the moving team to retrieve and load the goods.

Create a free-flowing space that allows the movers to get to your belongings without hassles. This will save a great amount of time.

Try to be present on the day of the move and regularly communicate with the company. These processes will keep them on track and encourage a smooth move.

Hire Movers for Large Items and Furniture

To cut the costs of moving, pack as many boxes, suitcases, and goods into your vehicle as possible. Heavy and large furniture should be let to the moving company. They have the equipment and the manpower to haul your goods without causing additional damage or the possibility of sustaining injuries.

Rent a Container

One way to save is to have all goods packed into a container and transported to the new location.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move Into a New Apartment?

From the security deposit to preparing for monthly rent, moving means sticking to a tight budget. The last thing you need to deal with is the high cost of a moving company. By requesting a quotation, you can calculate what you will spend on the move.

The average costs for a local move are between $2000 and $2300 while an interstate move can reach $4500. If you are moving from an apartment, these costs will be lower. For this reason, requesting quotes from reputable movers is an important part of saving.

How Much WIll it Cost You to Move?
How Much WIll it Cost You to Move?

Is it Cheaper to Move Furniture or Buy New Furniture?

If you are moving locally, then keeping much of your current furniture is a more affordable choice compared to buying new items. You could pay up to $2000 for a move which is less than what you would spend on replacing appliances and furniture. Let’s look at a few more factors to determine whether you should buy new furniture or save your current valuables.

Interstate and Personal Goods

For an interstate move, you may consider the costs of specific items and compare it to the quote from the mover. If you have furniture that can be easily replaced, perhaps selling the goods and replacing it at your new destination works out as a more feasible choice.

If you have furniture with sentimental value that simply cannot be replaced, consult with a few different moving companies and request quotations. As mentioned previously, comparing quotations will help you get the most valuable price from a service you can trust.

What Does it Cost to Move Interstate?

An interstate move can be a stressful process but if you have the right team on your side, the move can be made efficient and your goods arrive without loss or damage. If you are traveling to another state, distances over 1200 miles and goods weighing more than 7000 pounds could see an estimate of over $4500.

Interstate moves are always more expensive than a local move. With our tips, you can save on the costs of both the interstate and a local move!

How You Can Prepare for an Interstate Move?

You’ve found an apartment or a house in a new state and you’re unsure about what to expect when you move. No problem! We are here to help you with the steps you can take to prepare for an interstate move.

Choose an Interstate Moving Company

Not all movers specialize in cross-country hauling services. Look for a business that will perform interstate services. They are knowledgeable in regulation for different states, they will carefully plan travel routes, and they have the trucks needed to safely complete long-distance travels with large loads.

Ask About Insurance

Insurance is a necessity when it comes to an interstate move. It can protect goods along the journey and because accidents can happen, you don’t want to be liable for replacing your furniture and have to pay for the transit costs. Carriers should offer updated insurance, so you have peace of mind your goods arrive on time.

Plan Ahead of Time

This cannot be stressed enough! The right planning can mean smooth sailing! Pack the items you don’t use, get quotations and be prepared for the day. A moving company should provide tracking information so you can stay up to date on the truck’s whereabouts. This information will also help you plan for the arrival of your belongings so it can be unpacked quickly and easily.

Planning Equals Success
Planning Equals Success

The Cheapest Ways to Move to a House or an Apartment

Moving to a new place is a momentous occasion. With some preparation and research into the right moving company, you can enter your new home with positivity and vibrance. Nobody expects to hire a professional mover only to have furniture damaged or valuables go missing along the way. With some comparisons into reputability and cost, you can find a company you can rely on.

Remember! Not all moving companies are equal. Don’t pick the first name you find online or in a local directory. To find the right mover means making some calls and comparing quotes. You can make a checklist of the items to be moved and along with the distance, a moving company will offer a breakdown of the costs involved.

From experience and insurance to helpfulness and references, put some time into choosing a mover, and you will not only save on the quote but also receive the best standard of service.

Make Moving Easy !
Make Moving Easy !

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