Increase the Storage Space in Your Apartment

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

We all know the feeling of needing more space! Piles of clothing next to your bed, stacked countertops, and overflowing drawers leave your apartment feeling cramped, cluttered, and chaotic. What you didn’t know is that you can create a spacious organized apartment you wish for, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Our smart and savvy tips to increase storage space in your apartment are budget-friendly, super easy, and will create the spaciousness you need. Check out our space-saving tips below.

Different Types of Decorating Depending on Your Space

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Start By Reducing Clutter

If you feel overwhelmed by things in your home that simply don’t have a place, it’s time to do some sorting. Before you can improve storage and space, you need to toss what you don’t need. This doesn’t mean a spring clean, but simply picking the clothes, the blankets, and even the furniture that serve no purpose. You can also donate some of your wardrobe items to a worthy cause. If you can’t decide what to keep and what to let go of, ask yourself whether you have worn or used the item in the last 6 months. If the answer is no, it’s got to go.

Make Sure You Have All the Proprer Measurements

Get Creative in Your Small Apartment

A small apartment does not have to feel cramped. It can be free-flowing and beautifully organized, but it does need some creativity and out of the box thinking. Now that you’ve cleared the clutter, the next stage is to find unused space and the ways you can maximize storage. The easiest and the most cost-effective storage solution for small apartments is to use door hangers or over-door hooks. A door hanger has a flat top that clips over the top of your door and can consist of a single hook, multiple hooks, or shelves. Clothing, towels, robes, bags, and a variety of other items can be hung and kept off the floor. It keeps things neat and organized. It is also a cheaper way to increase space.

Get your creative juices flowing

Position Furniture to Maximize Space

There are many styles of furniture with space-saving and storage features for your apartment; however, with a few changes in the layout of your sofas, dressers, and tables, you can get away with a practical, organized apartment. Before you spend on replacement furniture, first look at the ways you can improve living space by repositioning the items you own.

For an open plan living area, many people believe that placing a suite in the center of a room will make it look smaller; however, with clever positioning, you can create a cozy space that actually feels larger. The bedroom can benefit from a dresser placed opposite the bed. This clears areas on the sides of the bed with ample space to open drawers.

A great way to improve space and storage is to look at examples of furniture layouts for small apartments. Here you can find a floor plan like your apartment. The purpose is to get inspired by the placement of sofas, tables, beds, and more in small spaces.

The Positions of Your Furniture Matters

The Best Furniture for a Small Apartment

There is no doubt that the best styles of furniture for a small apartment provide storage while maximizing space. If you have a budget for a few new furnishings, the following items are sure to make a difference for your space and storage needs:

What Kind of Furniture Would You Put In A Small Apartment?


Ottomans are available in a variety of shapes, fabrics, and sizes. On the higher end of the price scale, you can find ottomans that are sophisticated pieces of furniture. These types of furniture include a top that opens to reveal storage space. You can also find more affordable and attractive ottoman boxes in a variety of colors that make great features and allow you to safely store your goods.

Under Bed Storage

Special bins designed to slide under the bed will help you improve your space and keep your goods off the floor. It is also a good idea to keep seasonal items and accessories in these bins.


In most apartments, you cannot drill holes and brackets into the walls to place shelves. If your unit has no shelving, ask your landlord for permission to add shelves. Remember, you will have to remove and repair any fixtures if requested by the landlord by the time your lease ends.

If you can install shelves, make use of vertical space. Shelves will help you stack shoes, accessories, and decorative items. It also makes the room look bigger and modern.

Time to Tackle the Bathroom

A bathroom is a place of tranquility and privacy. Keeping it neat and organized can make your life that much simpler and certainly more comfortable. For shower areas, the clever use of a shower caddy can keep your shampoos, soaps, and similar products within reach and organized. This also prevents creating any fixtures that would have to be removed at a later stage. You can also use small baskets and containers to place on the shelf to help create organized space. These containers and baskets are available in different styles and colors making it the perfect addition to your home.

Storage and Space for the Kitchen

Keeping the counters clear will leave even the tiniest kitchens feeling spacious. To create clear countertops, you need to have more storage. A simple way to keep your crockery and groceries organized and out of sight is to use bins, baskets, or containers inside your cupboards. By grouping similar items and foodstuffs in a container, it is not only a better way to store goods but also makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Many apartment renters use transparent storage containers with labels. This helps you spot just what you need and when you need it. There are many other exciting and simple ways to improve the space and storage in your rental apartment.

Beautiful Kitchen with Great Storage

Use a Mobile Chef Cart

A unique way to add storage is to use a chef’s cart. The cart has wheels making it easy to move around. It is designed with a shelf below the tabletop where you can easily store things. Cutlery, crockery, fresh fruits, and such are stored in the cart. You can also move it into a hidden position so it’s not in the way when guests arrive.

Over Door Storage

You can also use over door storage caddies on your kitchen door to hang your valuables. Another great idea is to use a hanging wine rack over the kitchen door where you can roll and store towelettes.

Secret Hideouts

If you find that you’re lacking cabinet space, you can also pack smaller pots into larger ones and place the stack in the oven when it’s not in use. This creates more cupboard storage and will prevent your pots from standing on your counters. Finding simple ways to pack your kitchen items and create extra space will help you maintain a neat appearance.

Organize Your Living Room

The living room is an area where you can relax, entertain guests, and best showcase your personality. It is also one of the most cluttered rooms where storage falls short and space is a problem. A common reason for insufficient space is the incorrect layout and selection of furniture. In this section, we look at the best ways to maximize space and store items in your living room.

Organized & Spacious Beautiful Living Room

Storage Chests

A storage chest is larger than a regular ottoman or storage cube and looks great in any setting. You can find foldable chests or sturdy furniture depending on your budget. These additions easily fit into a living room where you can place valuables and keep it out of sight. You could use a smart-looking chest as a coffee table with the storage you need. Side tables also make for a simple yet stylish item of furniture.

Create the Illusion of Space

Creating a sense of space in the living room is about the careful selection of furniture. This includes pieces that reflect light and do not add bulk or heaviness. While these tips support a practical living room, any room in your apartment can benefit from the use of items such as mirrors and transparent furniture.

Clear chairs are a simple way to enhance the room while making the area appear larger than it really is. You can pair clear chairs with a glass top table. Mirrors are the best way to improve a sense of spaciousness. It reflects light and provides an illusion of the room being larger. Wall-mounted mirrors or an elongated mirror on a stand are simple and modern furnishings that are easily accessible.

Use Flatpack Storage

An inexpensive and effective storage and space-saving option is the use of flatpack furniture. These items include foldable containers and standalone bookshelves that are put together with some basic tools. It is an affordable alternative to purchasing new furniture and helps keep everything organized.

Choose the Right Rug

A carpet or rug can enhance or detract from a space. Wall to wall carpets in dull colors or that look a bit tired over time, can leave rooms feeling small and cluttered. A rug with bold patterns and different colors may overwhelm a modest apartment.

The length, style, and colors of your carpets and rugs will have an influence on a spacious feel. Modern apartments are decorated with smaller rugs that add warmth and character. Choose the right style of carpeting to keep the apartment looking and feeling bright and fresh.

What are the Best Apartment Storage Ideas?

The best storage solutions for your apartment help you save money while maximizing space. Most styles of modern furniture are designed to provide a contemporary appearance with storage. Ottomans, chests, side tables, and smartly designed accessories can help you improve available space while preventing clutter.

A golden rule in design when it comes to improving space in an apartment is to get things off the floor and onto the walls. If you can’t use permanent fixtures such as shelves, then hanging caddies can provide the extra storage you need. Many over door hooks and hangers with crystal knobs and sleek metallic finishes will add a contemporary appearance. You can also use coat hangers and wine racks in creative ways to store and place your valuables. Making use of these features and maintaining an uncluttered space will leave you feeling lighter and brighter in your apartment.

While not a storage idea, you can improve the feel of spaciousness in an apartment by introducing natural light. Changing the window trim to lighter colors and keeping the space filled with sunlight will instantly leave your apartment feeling bigger than what it is. Add a mirror into the living room and bedroom, and place storage boxes as decorative features. This way you can create a sense of space while keeping your valuables organized and safe.

Alternative Storage Units

If You Can Paint the Walls, Paint It!

If your landlord has given you the go-ahead to paint the walls, an approved color palette can help you choose natural or neutral shades to improve the light and spacious feel of the interiors. Most modern apartments have neutral shades making it easier to find complementary furniture and accessories. If you have a small apartment or room, the use of lite paint color will enhance the space. Where you cannot repaint the apartment, bringing in accessories that are bright can make a tremendous difference to the look and feel of the room.

Let Your Art Speak For Itself

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color and Patterns

You can add freshness to an apartment with the right balance of color and patterns. Add character and make your rental reflect your personality. It should be a comfortable space where you can relax and enjoy the privacy of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. From the rugs and cushions to throws and artwork, you can create a home that is attractive and modern.

Choose Patterns that Compliment Your Paint

In Closing

Storage and space do not have to involve major expense or permanent fixtures. In a rental apartment, have a look around and learn where you can use storage ottomans and stackable furniture. Keep goods off the floor and declutter your apartment by tossing what you don’t use and don’t need. With so many ideas and the simple, affordable ways to create the storage you require, you can easily have your dream apartment.

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