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How to Increase the Storage Space in Your Small Apartment

An infographic detailing ways to improve the storage space in your small apartment.
Increase Your Storage Space - Infographic

We all know the frustration of needing more space! Piles of clothing next to your bed, stacked countertops, and overflowing drawers leave your apartment feeling cramped, cluttered, and chaotic.

a messy room with food containers, clothes and magazines spread out everywhere.
With the right approach, you can find a place for everything in your small apartment

Why Should You Improve Apartment Storage and Remove Clutter?

Clutter is considered the disorganization or scattering of items that make it difficult to move around the room or make the room less functional. It also means a haven for dust and dander and just makes you feel unhappy when you walk into your home. When your belongings aren't properly stored or organized it also makes it easier to get damaged or to lose things. You might know the feeling of looking for something specific and tossing items out of the drawers or frantically searching your apartment only to come short and be left with a mess.

Clutter can also move far beyond an inability to find things, it can affect your mental health by causing anxiety, high levels of stress, and difficulty concentrating.

a lady thinking with her hands over face and her head tilted down.
Don't let poor storage affect your mental health

The good news is that you don't have to think about moving to a bigger apartment or the expense of finding a new place with an extra room. Our guide focuses on the smart, simple, and cost-effective ways you can increase storage in a small apartment.

As America’s spaces become smaller, your storage needs to become smarter

Let’s Look at Ways You Can Practically and Easily Improve Storage

Get Rid of What You Don't Need

From clothing to oversized furniture, you can toss, give away, or sell the items that you don't need. A general rule for clothing is if you haven't worn an item within a year and it no longer fits, it shouldn't be a part of your wardrobe. By getting rid of the clutter and improving your overall space, you create a healthy, happy, and balanced home.

a lady organizing her shelves to determine what to toss and what to keep
Think about what you should keep or toss

Position Furniture to Maximize Space

There are many styles of furniture with space-saving and storage features for your apartment; however, with a few changes in the layout of your sofas, dressers, and tables, you can create more space and better flow. Before you spend money on replacement furniture, first look at the ways you can improve your living space by repositioning the items you already own.

For an open-plan living area, many people believe that placing a suite in the center of a room will make it look smaller; however, by moving the sofa forward or towards the middle of the space, you can create a cozy area that looks and feels larger than what it really is.

For the bedroom, side tables with storage drawers placed on either side of the bed are the traditional way to position these items and are perfect for a small apartment. If you have a dresser drawer, its position depends on the design o the room. You can place a dresser next to the bed If there isn't enough space between the foot end of the bed and the wall. If you fin yourself opening the drawers of the dresser into the bed, then place it next to the bed or under a window.

Another great way to improve space and storage is to look at examples of online furniture layouts for small apartments. This way, you can find a floor plan that is similar to your apartment. The purpose is to get inspired by the placement of sofas, tables, beds, and more in small spaces.

Let's Look at A Few Popular Space Saving Ideas

Use Door Hooks and Hangers

The easiest and the most cost-effective storage solution for small apartments is to use door hangers or over-door hooks.

5 door hooks, ranging from black to white to brown with a black jacket hanging on one of them with a photo on the wall of an eye and the process an eye closing.
Think over door hooks as a non-permanent fixture

Overdoor hooks allow you to hang your clothing, towels, and other items without having to fix a hook to the wall or door (because it's not permitted in an apartment lease). These accessories have a flat top that clips over the top of your door and may consist of a single hook, multiple hooks, or shelves. It keeps things neat and organized and is also a cheaper way to increase space.


Ottomans are small cubes, hinged stools, and a type of furniture available in a variety of shapes, fabrics, and sizes. On the higher end of the price scale, you can find ottomans that are sophisticated pieces of furniture with a hinged top that opens to hidden storage. You can also find more affordable and attractive ottoman boxes in a variety of colors that make great features and allow you to safely pack your goods away.

An ottoman in a room in front of a door with a large window.
Be sure to shop for accessories with a removable lid or hinged top.

Under-Bed Storage Check online stores for storage containers and boxes that are designed to slide under the bed. It will help you improve your space and keep your goods off the floor. It is also a good idea to keep seasonal items, accessories, and even shoes in these bins. Under-bed storage drawers are also inexpensive with some including small wheels making it easier to slide.

Drawer Organizers

Keep your drawers neat and tidy with a drawer organizer. You don't have to buy a new item of furniture but rather a drawer organizing system to help you keep everything in place.

A bathroom dresser with a drawer organizer.
You can even organize your bathroom toiletries.

Ladder Shelves

Great for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room, the ladder shelf is the solution to storage and decorating without damaging your home. It can be placed anywhere in the room, is available in different sizes, and finishes.

a photo of a bedroom with a brown bed set and a large window with a white sheer curtain and a white dresser
Find the perfect ladder shelf to store odds & ends.

Mason Jars

A regular glass jar can be repurposed and reused as a small storage container. Place in your kitchen to keep food fresh and easy to access or place your personal hygiene items in clear jars in your bathroom.

a photo of a plant, and two glass containers, one holding cotton balls and one holding Q-tips.
Keep your bathroom and bedroom organized with glass jars

Think about unique ways to use glass jars in and around your home.

Pick the Right Furniture

When you decide to get new furniture, think multi-functional. A piece should offer storage, décor, and space-saving for small apartments.

a photo of a unique green and white colored dresser, shaped like an old school television with three drawers on the left and one large drawer on the right.
Free standing furniture for a spacious look

Stackable Containers

Stackable containers and plastic bins are great ways to improve your apartment space and get organized. These affordable containers can also be stacked inside your closet so you don't have to stare at them every time you walk into your bedroom. The reason you should look for stackable containers or plastic bins is to keep as little on the floor as possible.

Get the kids involved!

You can also use storage containers in different colors to organize kids' toys, shoes, or clothing. You can also encourage young ones to declutter by labeling each bin and having them place the toys they no longer want in the plastic bins for donations or giveaways.

a photo of a kid in a class room with toys and three containers in front of her while she's holding a baby doll
Get the kids excited about keeping organized

Storage Hacks for the Bathroom and Kitchen

Time to Tackle the Bathroom

A bathroom is a place of tranquility and privacy. Keeping it neat and organized can make your life that much simpler and certainly more comfortable. For shower areas, the clever use of a shower caddy can keep your shampoos, soaps, and similar products within reach and organized. This also prevents creating any fixtures that would have to be removed at a later stage. You can also use small baskets and containers to place on the shelf to help create organized space. These containers and baskets are available in different styles and colors at local stores and online, making them the perfect addition to your home.

a photo of a bathroom with tan tiles and black and black toiletry containers.
Keeping your bathroom neat and tidy is easy

Storage and Space for the Kitchen

Keeping the counters clear will leave even the tiniest kitchens feeling spacious. To create clear countertops, you need to have more storage. A simple way to keep your crockery and groceries organized and out of sight is to use bins, baskets, or containers inside your cupboards. Grouping similar items and foodstuffs in a container is not only a better way to store goods but also makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Many renters use transparent storage containers with labels. This helps you spot just what you need and when you need it.

a photo of a desk stand with an table on it and other miniature containers to hold necessities.
Find clever ways to improve kitchen storage

What are the Best Apartment Storage Ideas?

The best storage solutions for your apartment help you save money while maximizing space. Most styles of modern furniture are designed to provide a contemporary appearance with the bonus of storage. Ottomans, chests, side tables, and smartly designed accessories can help you improve available space while preventing clutter.

A golden rule in design when it comes to improving space in an apartment is to get as many things as you can off the floor. If you can’t use permanent fixtures such as shelves, then hanging caddies can provide the extra storage you need. Many over-door hooks and hangers with natural wood or sleek metallic finishes are economical, attractive, and functional.

You can also use coat hangers and wine racks in creative ways to store and place your valuables. Making use of these features and maintaining an uncluttered space will leave you feeling lighter and brighter in your apartment.

Remember, there are many ways of adding storage to a small apartment. Take a look around your home and think about ways you can repurpose items such as glass jars or wood boxes to keep things organized. The proper layout of furniture and use of accessories can also go a long way to improve apartment storage.

a lady blowing the sparkles/confetti out of her hand
Make your home your happy place!

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I just moved into the tiniest apartment and these ideas helped me maximize my storage. Thanks!

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Apartments Near Me
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