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Affordable Apartments For Rent Near Me

Finding a "cheap apartment" to rent has helped many singles and families save on the costs of rent but has also helped them keep a much-needed roof over their heads. Many have also found incredible apartments that are in secure communities with low monthly rent and affordability. Because you need cheap doesn’t mean compromising your safety, security, and your happiness. As my grandma always used to say, "we are not rich to buy cheap stuff” simply meaning, cheap items get broken easily, so it's better to pay a little bit more for better quality. With a little bit of effort, time, and research, you too can find cheap apartments to rent without making too much of a financial and lifestyle sacrifice.

When you want a cheap apartment to rent, it doesn’t mean that you want to give up your comfort or live in a bad neighborhood, you simply want to know if you can find a place to rent that you can afford. You want an apartment that offers security, is well-maintained and provides a place that you can call home, all while remaining within budget.

When you look for “cheap apartments for rent near me”, you’re looking for low-income or affordable apartments.

In the following guide, we look at the options for “cheap” rentals and how you can find the right property to satisfy your budget in your preferred location!

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Why is it Important to Know Apartment Pricing?

When you search for cheap apartments to rent, you’re looking for affordability. While there are many apartments and rental units that are cheap because it is rundown or in a less popular location, there are ways of examining apartment pricing to ensure it fits your earnings and without sacrificing your safety.

Don’t let ‘living in the city’ stop you from finding something to suit your lifestyle and finances. Today, community developments and affordable housing projects in the city and popular neighborhoods have made it possible for more people and families to find a home in a desirable location. Every city will have a place where you can find affordability. You need to do the research, speak to local estate agents or your HUD to help you along your journey.

Save Money By Staying with Family and Friends

Another great example of a cheap apartment for rent- would be the spare bedroom or guest flat of a friend or family member. Even if you move in with a relative or friend for a few months to a year, this can help you save, reduce any debt, and look for something more permanent once your finances have improved.

To ensure you don’t find yourself in a difficult situation, always look at their rental contract concerning roommates including the lease term. You don’t want to move in only to find another place a month or two down the line.

Know Your Budget

One of the most important steps you can take in your search for affordable apartments is to create a reasonable budget. From first-time renters and those with poor credit to managing a lengthy debt history, understand what you can afford before you shop around.

According to Federal Government, you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your earnings on your rent. When you can comfortably determine what you can pay for rent each month, it can go a long way to finding the right apartment to rent.

A photo of dollar bills with dark lighting.
Educate yourself on your income and expenses.

Get to Know Areas You are Not Familiar With – You May Find a Hidden Gem

You should get to know the area you wish to rent in. Look at the buildings, people, and overall makeup of the area. This will help you decide whether it is a neighborhood that you wish to settle in.

Finding the Best Cheap Apartments to Rent Near Me

The lowest price that you can pay for a budget-friendly apartment is associated with the environment and the zip code that you're choosing. Rent prices are generally attached to the area and the performance of properties for that region. For example, the cheapest apartment in Los Angeles is not going to be the cheapest apartment in Wisconsin. If we look at Memphis, the cheapest housing for rent you may find is a trailer home. So, instead of searching for "cheap apartments for rent", you could search for low-income apartments or second chance friendly apartments for rent.

When you change your search terms, it will change your search results. If you are having an unusually hard time finding an apartment you can seek assistance such as Section 8 or you can contact the local HUD to find affordable housing programs.

A couple sitting at a desk calculating their budget.
Calculate your budget before before starting your apartment search.

A Different and Effective Way to Search for Affordable Apartments Online

Let me show you some sure-fire ways to find those affordable apartments that we’re all looking for. The first thing I would do is search for: “affordable apartments for rent.” For this blog, I searched "affordable apartments for rent in Memphis." Upon using those words in my search query, Google search showed apartments for rent, but under a certain price range. This led me to believe that most Memphians consider affordable apartments for rent under $400 or $700.

I would suggest searching for apartments for rent with a price range listed in the search. This will help narrow down your choices with specific results. If you are a first-time renter and you also want to stay within a certain cost range, I would search "apartments for rent for first-time renters."

Finding Affordable Apartments with Bad Credit or Previous Evictions

If you have a negative credit rating or your rental history is not what it should be, then Second Chance Apartments are your best choice. You can expect a slightly higher security deposit because of the risk factor; however, rent is more affordable than standard apartments and offers access to modern amenities, regular maintenance, and security.

Ultimately, second chance properties are there to help you get back on your feet. They work with low-income earners and those with challenging financial histories to rebuild their rental and financial stability.

Finding Success in the Search for Cheap Apartments Near Me

Finding an affordable apartment on a budget is about doing the research and making the right comparisons.

The only way you will find value when you rent an apartment is if you incorporate the following tips:

1. Determine your Renting Budget

Rent should be affordable. You shouldn’t find yourself living paycheck to paycheck or having to rely on personal loans or credit to cover your rent. Stick to a budget.

2. Compare Rental Rates for Areas of Interest

Create a list of the cities or neighborhoods you would like to live in. Based on these locations, search for the average rental rates. If it is far above your budget, look for another location. If it appears to be within your earnings bracket, dig a little deeper and look for affordable apartments, contact local housing agencies including the HUD. They can advise on properties and developments you can afford to rent.

3. Look a Little Further than the Heart of the City

Most regions will have significantly higher prices the closer you live to the city center. By looking a little further out you may find lower rentals. If you are considering moving just out of town, ensure the ends justify the means! Don’t pay more for transport and other costs while paying a reduced rent because you won’t be saving any money at the end of the day.

You Determine Your Results

In the end, how you search for apartments for rent will determine your results. It seems that it is always easier to find things out of our price range. It seems that the things the internet deems as quality tends to be the more expensive, but in all honesty, it's about the tenacity and dedication of your pursuit that will determine your outcome.

Happy "affordable" apartment hunting!

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Your affordable home could be right around the corner.


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